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    26 Signs You Grew Up On A Farm

    And you're damn proud of it.

    1. You learned to drive by the age of 13. Most likely in a truck.

    2. You don't know what it means to sleep in on the weekends.

    3. You're good at ignoring the angry honks when you're driving a tractor down the road.

    4. You know that no gym will ever give you the same workout as lifting hay bales does.

    5. If you're a girl, your whole world would change depending on who the summer help was.

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    Please, please, please let it be that hottie in the grade above.

    6. If you are a boy, your entire summer was spent in the fields. PRIME SEASON.

    7. When it rains in the summer, you feel yourself start to panic.

    8. You learned early on not to get too attached to the livestock.

    9. You know that cow-tipping isn't a thing that happens.


    11. You have a strong affiliation to your brand of farm equipment.

    12. Work comes before play, and school, and sleep.

    13. Fences needing repairs are actually the subject of most of your nightmares.

    14. The weather is sometimes your best friend and sometimes your worst enemy.

    15. Any sort of snow day simply did not exist.

    16. It's always been hard to imagine living in a city or to actually live in one.

    17. Birth doesn't really scare you because you have already witnessed several new lives being brought into the world.

    18. Your next door neighbor lived at least 2 miles away.

    19. All your friends had Wi-Fi before you did.

    20. Your cell phone service was always questionable.

    21. Your senior pictures probably looked like this.

    22. And all the couples you know have pictures like this.

    23. Your family probably owned the local "haunted cornfield" around Halloween.

    24. There's a 95% chance that you were involved in FFA.

    25. There's also a 95% chance that you participated in the county fair.

    26. And you honestly can't imagine growing up anywhere else.