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21 Times The Midwest Got It So Wrong It Was Right

Midwest isn't always the best.

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1. The time it had Red Velvet Deep Fried Oreos.

2. The time they offered a discount on vasectomies.

3. The time there was a get well soon balloon for roadkill.

4. The time a milkshake cost $279, but you got the seventh one free.

5. The time the speed limit sign got real.

6. The time when a business headquarters looked like a giant basket.

7. The time that there were hundreds of billboards emphasizing the reality of Hell.

8. The time when weather was determined by a donkey.

9. The time a bacon milkshake made its debut.

10. This time that corn was advertised using raccoons.

11. And the time that pig poop was sold.

12. The time that a billboard got very real.

13. The time that a ball of twine became a tourist attraction.

14. And the time there was an RV park named Morning Wood.

15. That time there was a reward offered for a missing tractor.

16. The time that God made a billboard.

17. The time that all were warned to kiss responsibly.

18. The time there was cheddar beer flavored potato chips.

19. The time there was a chicken show.

20. The time there was a "Fresh Cut Grass" lip balm flavor.

21. And the time that football rivalry involved pizza.
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