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    21 Things That Will Never Make Sense To Introverts

    Why anyone would go out when you could stay in.

    1. First of all, you'll never understand why people WANT to talk to other people.

    2. Or why anyone would go out when you could stay in.

    3. You can't get down with the fact that people actually want to talk to random people every single day.

    4. And you certainly can't grasp the fact that anyone would try to talk to humans when animals are so much better.

    5. The whole idea of "making plans" doesn't really make sense to you.

    6. And you're not really sure what it means to be "turnt up" unless it's your thermostat when it gets chilly.

    7. You have no idea what people do when they aren't on the internet or avoiding human interaction.

    8. And you're still wondering how people can be outgoing.

    9. You will probably never know how someone can just pick up the phone and call someone without heavily preparing first.

    10. And it will never make sense to go outside when you could just stay inside ... away from people.

    11. You're constantly trying to figure out how people can do social things more than one day in a row.

    12. Because quite frankly, you don't understand the want to party ... well, ever.

    13. People that don't want to spend time alone might as well be aliens in your mind.

    14. And people that actually enjoy the art of small talk are a true mystery.

    15. You can't see how hanging out with anyone could be better than hanging out with your favorite TV characters.

    16. And engaging in "social interaction" is never something that's made much sense.

    17. And being described as a "people person" would never be something you would want to be described as.

    18. You really don't know how anyone could survive a party without their cell phone.

    19. Or how anyone could CHOOSE to spend hours in a theme park surrounded by hundreds of PEOPLE.

    20. Why anyone would purposefully invite several people over to their house.

    21. Or why people can't understand that you aren't lonely — you just love being alone.