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    21 Moments Every Grammar Perfectionist Will Recognize Immediately

    I thought I was in love until he used the wrong form of "your."

    1. When you're at a restaurant and there's a typo in the menu:

    2. When your close friends make a mistake and you have no choice but to say something:

    3. And when someone's grammatical error leaves you speechless:

    4. When you're scrolling through Facebook and suddenly can't see anything else besides the blatant mistake:

    5. When you're shopping and find some clothing with errors and suddenly you don't feel like shopping anymore:

    6. When someone tries to beat you at your own game and corrects you when you're right:



    7. When you're minding your own business driving and suddenly see a sign that is grammatically incorrect:

    8. And the moment when you contemplate vandalism because someone's grammatical fail has driven you that crazy:


    You'd really be helping, though.

    9. When you lose your cool after one too many errors:

    10. When someone sends you something that's supposed to be cute and all you notice is the error in it:

    11. And the moment when you realize the extreme amount of effort it takes every single day to not correct everyone you meet:

    12. The moment when your brain instantly moves to correct someone before you even realize you're doing it:

    13. When someone tries to be cute but it's ruined by their lack of editing:

    14. And when you can't help but make fun of signs with the wrong wording:

    15. When you refuse to acknowledge someone's poor grammar:



    16. And the moment when you feel like the whole world is out to get you, one grammatical error at a time:

    17. When you think you like someone until you text them and realize they are terrible at grammar:

    18. The moment when you try to be cool and not correct your friends but find yourself correcting them in your head:

    19. When the irony is simply too much to handle:

    20. That moment when your friends refer to you as the grammar police and you aren't even bothered by it

    21. And the moment that causes you to question everything: