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21 Moments Every Grammar Perfectionist Will Recognize Immediately

I thought I was in love until he used the wrong form of "your."

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1. When you're at a restaurant and there's a typo in the menu:

How am I supposed to order now???

2. When your close friends make a mistake and you have no choice but to say something:

I love you, but I don't have to like your grammar right now.

3. And when someone's grammatical error leaves you speechless:

4. When you're scrolling through Facebook and suddenly can't see anything else besides the blatant mistake:



5. When you're shopping and find some clothing with errors and suddenly you don't feel like shopping anymore:

WHO'S GOING TO BUY THIS? Please say no one.

7. When you're minding your own business driving and suddenly see a sign that is grammatically incorrect:

Please, please make it go away.


9. When you lose your cool after one too many errors:

10. When someone sends you something that's supposed to be cute and all you notice is the error in it:

11. And the moment when you realize the extreme amount of effort it takes every single day to not correct everyone you meet:

12. The moment when your brain instantly moves to correct someone before you even realize you're doing it:

13. When someone tries to be cute but it's ruined by their lack of editing:

16. And the moment when you feel like the whole world is out to get you, one grammatical error at a time:



17. When you think you like someone until you text them and realize they are terrible at grammar:


18. The moment when you try to be cool and not correct your friends but find yourself correcting them in your head:

19. When the irony is simply too much to handle:

20. That moment when your friends refer to you as the grammar police and you aren't even bothered by it

Thanks for the compliment.

21. And the moment that causes you to question everything:

:: gives up on life ::