19 Parents Who Took Parenting To A Whole New Level

    Kidding around isn't just for KIDS.

    1. These parents who were creative with their car decal.

    2. These parents who made a change to the family Christmas card after a breakup.

    3. These parents who claimed they didn't play favorites.

    4. And these parents who fooled their kids on Christmas.

    5. This dad who reenacted his daughter's senior picture.

    6. These parents who got creative when repainting their house.

    7. These parents who gave their daughter exactly what she asked for, a six-foot teddy.

    8. This mom who sent good morning wishes to her daughter.

    9. These parents who devised a plan to keep their towels clean.

    10. These parents who made their son's birthday wish come true.

    11. This dad who obliged his daughter when she asked him to "put money on her card."

    12. These parents who left this note after their kids didn't refill the ice trays.

    13. This father who will do anything for his fans.

    14. These parents that presented their house elf son with a sock when he left for college.

    15. These parents who came up with a clever way to keep their kids occupied.

    16. This father who always looks on the bright side when perusing Facebook.

    17. And this dad who brought his son a package at school.

    18. These parents who made congratulatory signs for their daughter.

    19. And these parents who got the apology down pat.