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Honestly These 17 Cats Just Don't Seem Like They Give A Fuck

Cats are life. Life is cats.

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1. This cat who, quite frankly, doesn't give a shit if you're sleeping.

Imgur user: Randaddy / Via

2. This cat who doesn't care if the baby is now out a bed.

3. This cat who does not care if you're using the bathroom.

Imgur user: Randaddy / Via

4. This cat who doesn't give a shit if you're "doing important work."

Imgur user: sparkmane100 / Via

5. This cat who straight up doesn't care that you need to pack your lunch.

Imgur user: Randaddy / Via

6. This cat who knows it's not supposed to go in the bushes, but does anyway.

7. This cat who wants dinnertime to be all of the time.

8. This cat who is not amused.

Imgur User: kindstrangerofgold / Via

9. This cat who eats all the catnip it wants, whenever it wants.

Imgur User: KelseyKronmiller / Via

10. This cat who is not scared of any damn watermelon.

11. This cat who refuses to be imprisoned.

Imgur user: ZeroPoint1 / Via

12. This cat who is busy and doesn't want to be disturbed.

13. This cat who knows the end is near, but is too lazy to move.

Imgur user: samplematerial / Via

14. These cats who don't care about labels.

15. This cat who wants to be comfortable AND nosy at the same time.

16. This cat who just wants to relax and be chill.

Imgur User: kingspasti / Via

17. And this cat who just straight up does not give a fuck.

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