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19 Signs You're From Indiana

Crossroads of America, baby.

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1) When someone refers to you as a “hoosier” you can’t help but hear this chant in your head: “HOO HOO HOOSIERS.”

2) You were forced to watch the film Hoosiers at least once a year in grades k-10.

3) You’re not even a little surprised when the weather is 75 degrees and sunny on Monday and 34 and snowing on Tuesday.

4) You’re not fazed anymore when someone from out of town hears you say Indiana and they say cornfields.

5) You understand that there are different parts of this state. There’s southern Indiana, the middle, and the REGION, which might as well belong to Chicago.

6) You have an unexplainable dislike for Kentucky.

7) You either went to a high school or heard of a high school that participates in drive your tractor to school day.

8) You either affiliate with BLACK and GOLD or CREAM and CRIMSON. It’s not both.

9) You are aware that everyone that lives near South Bend thinks they, too, attend Notre Dame along with the football team.

10) You were slightly heartbroken when you learned that “Rudy” wasn’t 100% factual.

11) You will never forget February of 2012. The people, the crowds, the converted stores into bars… and Tom Brady casually eating steak at St. Elmo’s. Super Bowl XLVI.

12) You are genuinely surprised if you meet someone from the region and they don’t affiliate with Chicago sports teams.

13) You are used to people from out of town asking you this question: “What is there to do in Indiana?”

14) 90% of your female friends have these song lyrics in their about me sections on Facebook AND twitter: “But she grew up tall and she grew up right…with them Indiana boys on an Indiana night.”

15) You watched diving for the most recent Olympics because David Boudia was from Indiana.

16) You chuckle to yourself when people from towns like Crawfordsville and Columbia City think they’re from a small town. (Check out Jonesville, IN: population 234.)

17) You think Jim Irsay is a little cuckoo but only people in Indiana can think that. Anyone else? Back off. He saved this team.

18) You became a Broncos fan in 2012. PEYTON4LIFE.

19) And no matter what love/hate relationship you have with this will always be home.


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