15 Signs You’re A Purdue Fan

Hail, Hail to Old Purdue!

1. 1. When you hear the words “torn ACL” your stomach flip-flops.

2. 2. You watch every matchup with Ohio State knowing that the outcome isn’t promising. But recalling the infamous football matchup from 2011…anything can happen.


3. 3. You don’t often go into the seasons expecting winning records. But it’s a winning season to you if they win the Old Oaken Bucket and beat IUBB in Assembly Hall.

4. 4. You have unfollowed and unsubscribed from all Notre Dame and IU fans on game day.

5. 5. You want the New Orleans Saints to do well because of Drew Freakin’ Brees.

Look at that smile.

6. 6. You have a hard time hearing anything about VCU or Shaka Smart because THAT WAS OUR YEAR.

7. 7. You often reminisce on the Orton era and the FUMBLE.

8. 8. You hear a lot of talk about banners but don’t care because CRADLE OF QUARTERBACKS.


9. 9. This picture almost brought you to tears.

10. 10. You have legitimately not gone on dates when you found out the other was an IU fan.

11. 11. At the end of the seasons, WHO CARES? Because astronauts. RIP Neil.

12. 12. Whenever you see someone take off their suit coat you instantly get worried. All you can think about is Gene Keady and you know it can’t be good.

13. 13. You know that Johnny Wooden was hands down the best coach that ever walked this damn planet. No arguments.

14. 14. You know where the Breakfast Club originated and you’re damn proud.

15. 15. And finally, you know that no matter what, you will always bleed black and gold.

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