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10 Things Only A Public Relations Major Would Understand

Hashtag PR Problems.

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You are 95% sure that there’s actually coffee in your veins instead of blood.

You have become the #1 news source for your friends and family. They don’t even bother checking the news anymore because they know you’ve already scoured every piece of news.

Your friends will never understand why you took an entire class dedicated to social media.

How hard it is to explain your major. “Wait, so it’s like Marketing?” …. Not exactly. “Oh so you’re like Samantha from Sex and the City!” Sigh.

You see a new article on HuffPost and you think to yourself… way to go, PR pro! Way to go.

You begin to speak in AP Style.

You become unreasonably excited when there’s a huge communication crisis in the news because you know you’ll spend almost the entire class period the next day discussing it in depth.

The word “Bateman” sends shivers down your spine.

You’ll never look at commercials the same. Now all you see is storyboards, client meetings, and month’s worth of work for a 30 second spot.

Your favorite holiday is PRSSA National Conference.

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