10 Signs You Studied Abroad In Australia

Where are the bloomin’ onions?

1. 1. Your opinion of koalas changed. SOO CUTE? No, they smell like shit and probably shit on you. Also, those claws? No thanks.

Childhood dream = ruined.

2. 2. You now become personally offended if someone mentions Steve Irwin. Don’t bring him up. Ever.

RIP. <3

3. 3. Your friends and family were EXTREMELY relieved when you returned home still alive after living near giant spiders. They’ve seen the Animal Planet specials.

And let’s be honest… you were relieved, too.

4. 4. You have now become the bearer of the worst news EVER…P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney DOESN’T EXIST.

Can they at least create a fake street sign?

5. 5. At least 5 people have sent you the Men At Work song, “Down Under.”

And you’re like, yeah, I studied there. I get it.

6. 6. You now laugh at the Spring Break stories. One word: SCHOOLIES.

I’m now scared of 17 year-olds.

7. 7. You are now having chicken salt withdrawals.

Get. In. My. Belly.

8. 8. You now have a new idea of someone with a sailor’s mouth. Australians cuss…A LOT.

Why are you so upset?!?!?

9. 9. You’re still having nightmares about the amount of adorable kangaroos that are ingested each day.

WHY?!?!!?! JUST WHY?!?!?

10. 10. You actually miss goon.

I mean… it was the only thing under $90.

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