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Which Member Of The Fam Are You?

You've moved to rural Sweden... now what?

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  1. How would you fare in prison?

    I'd be quiet enough that no one would mess with me... but my own stress and fear would eat me up inside
    I'd suck up to the top dog but they'd see right through it
    I reckon I could become friends with the right people and ultimately make it out on top
    I'd be the baddest bitch in there
  2. Pick a kit

    Chinos, happy socks and a ridiculously warm coat
    Tight jeans (to show off my legs), a loud button down and my cord jacket
    Quarter zip and blundstones
    Whatever it is, it's not suitable for the weather
  3. What's your go-to fika order?

    Large latte with an extra shot that takes me 5 hours to finish
    Large latte but it's probably not as good as the ones in Melbourne
    Green tea or a latte... kinda new to this whole coffee every day thing
    Small cappuccino with an extra shot that takes me 5 seconds to drink
  4. When someone does something ridiculous you...

    Say "spare me" in my real Australian accent
    Say "spaaaaaaaare me" in my best fake Australian accent
    Roll my eyes to another pole of the earth
    Yell "COME ON"
  5. You're out for brunch! What do you order?

    A full english breakfast with a side of avocado
    Do I get the pancakes? Waffles? Full English?
    Poached eggs with avocado and smoked salmon
    Poached eggs and a mimosa (or 3)
  6. What kind of uno player are you?

    The secret sniper who ALWAYS wins
    The one that cackles before playing a rule card but ends up getting burned in the end
    The one with the biggest, most obnoxious celebration... regardless of whether you come first or third (just as long as Tom doesn't win)
    The one that tries to cheat and is a self proclaimed "backstabber"
  7. We cash you at the club! Where do we find you?

    On the dance floor belting out the words to some absolute bangers
    Cutting a rug at VGs
    Pounding back double G&T's
    Showing my Spotify to the DJ with hopes that he'll play my requests
  8. What was your favourite thing about Berlin?

    "Transit" Chinese food
    Talking to the falafel guy in German at 7am
    That one day that you looked grunge and felt suuuper ~Berlin~
    6am kebabs after launching at Suicide Circus
  9. Pick a fam group chat name

    Riha! (Like jaha, the Swedish phrase... get it?)
  10. Favourite Aussie Slang?

    Fair Dinkum?!
    Through to the "kippa" (keeper)
    Bloody Oath!
  11. And do you pronounce the word "House"?

    House? I think? Nothing makes me angrier than this conversation

Which Member Of The Fam Are You?

You got: Tom!

Congrats! You think fjord rhymes with floor

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You got: Nathan!

Far out! You definitely remember the band 3 oh exclamation mark 3

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You got: Julia!

Nice! Cash you ousside being #veganAF and speaking German to strangers

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You got: Lara!

Eek! You once flipped four eggs at the same time and will never let anyone forget it

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