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    17 Things Every German Should Know Before Coming To Australia

    Guys, they have free water here!

    1. Vegemite is really just Maggi.

    BuzzFeed / Via

    Except that it's solid and people love to put it on bread.

    2. And speaking of bread, it's nothing like back home.

    There is no bread like German bread. If you want bread in Australia, you're going to have to settle for soft, white bread.

    3. You might be shocked by the prices at first. / Via

    Us Germans are spoiled when it comes to prices, especially for food, which we really only notice when we visit another country.

    4. Water is not on the menu.

    Showtime / Via

    In many Australian bars or cafés you get your own water from the counter. But hey, it's free! I can't think of any places in Germany where you get free water.

    5. Don't drink in public.

    6. Thongs are not what you might think.


    Yes, I was very confused at first. "Nice thongs!" has a whole new meaning.

    7. Australians like to curse.

    Animal Planet / Via

    No need to worry or feel offended, it's really just a daily routine.

    8. Forget everything about English you've learned in school.

    9. English kezboards are annozing.

    It takes some time to get used to the English keyboard, if you work a lot with computers.

    10. Left is right.

    Obviously you should know that as a driver, but also don't forget it when crossing the road.

    11. Australia is huge.


    Don't underestimate that when you want to travel around the country! Australia is 21 times as big as Germany, so it's going to take you much longer to drive places than you're used to. Plus, only 10% of the country is actually habitable land.

    12. And despite its size, Australia has only a very small population.

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    In fact there are less than 25 million people, which is only about a third of Germany's population.

    13. The weather is different all over the country.

    14. Air conditioning can be your best friend and worst enemy.

    Especially in spring and summer (depending on the region), you'll appreciate air con very much. In Germany we're not really used to air con, so you might catch a cold or a stiff neck from that. Well... at least, that's my experience.

    15. Australia is really multicultural.

    16. People are very chill and open-minded.

    It's all about no worries, being friendly, and having a good time.

    17. So, chill out and embrace the Aussie spirit.

    Walt Disney Pictures / Via

    Don't waste your time worrying about anything and just live in the moment.


    An earlier version of this post stated it's safe to swim with freshwater crocodiles. This is ONLY the case in strict supervised settings, not everywhere. Always check with locals before swimming in any waters in northern Australia.

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