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17 Things Every German Should Know Before Coming To Australia

Guys, they have free water here!

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5. Don't drink in public.


Germans like to meet friends at a park, have a little BBQ, and some drinks. But drinking in some public spaces is illegal in Australia. Check before you do it.

8. Forget everything about English you've learned in school.

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If you're expecting British English, you might have a hard time. Get used to words like servo, bottle-o, brekkie, barbie, and arvo.


11. Australia is huge.


Don't underestimate that when you want to travel around the country! Australia is 21 times as big as Germany, so it's going to take you much longer to drive places than you're used to. Plus, only 10% of the country is actually habitable land.


13. The weather is different all over the country.


Australia has different climate zones, from tropical weather up north to moderate climate in the south. So you're going to need to pack a winter coat as well as your thongs.

14. Air conditioning can be your best friend and worst enemy.

Especially in spring and summer (depending on the region), you'll appreciate air con very much. In Germany we're not really used to air con, so you might catch a cold or a stiff neck from that. Well... at least, that's my experience.

15. Australia is really multicultural.


You're going to meet people from all over the world, especially from Europe. If you're staying in a backpacker hostel, look forward to meeting all kinds of cultures and personalities, I guarantee it'll be interesting.


An earlier version of this post stated it's safe to swim with freshwater crocodiles. This is ONLY the case in strict supervised settings, not everywhere. Always check with locals before swimming in any waters in northern Australia.