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20 Vending Machines You Wont Believe Are Real!

Caviar? drugs? live animals? Guess you can get anything in vending machine these days....

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1. Caviar Vending Machine.

Based in Los Angeles, this machine not only sells a wide variety of caviar (ranging anywhere from 5 to 500$) but it also sells escargot and truffles as well. Finally, something for the 1% among us.

2. Champagne Vending Machine.

Moet & Chandon's first ever vending machine provides you with quick and easy bubbly in a matter of minutes. With bottles starting at 29$, you now have an excuse to celebrate the little things, like, you know, wednesday.

10. Gold To Go.

Based in the only place something like this could be, Dubai. So if your just, you know, bored with paper money, just pop over here and get you some gold bars! (or coins). Prices update every 60 secs via internet.

12. Crack Pipe Vending Machine.

Yes, this is an actual, real, and legal thing. Made by non-profit as a plan to lessen the spread of HIV and Hepatitis among drug users. You can get your own pipe for just 25 cents. (crack not included, obviously)

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