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    These Teen Girls Started A Body Positivity Campaign Every Generation Needs To See

    "There is no one way to look beautiful; no one color, shape, or style represents beauty." - #IAmMyBeautiful

    Gabriela Nadeau and Laney Blair are high school students looking to revolutionize perspectives on beauty and how people view themselves by sharing photos of the people in their community across social media.

    The campaign was created by and is run solely by high school girls in an effort to not only help them view themselves positively, but also to foster confidence.

    #IAmMyBeautiful is intended to make everyone feel good in their bodies, particularly young women struggling to love themselves during what can be the most difficult stage of development.

    Spreading the love and positivity, #IAmMyBeautiful also held a booth at their local Women's March and created a Snapchat geofilter to promote their message!