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    25 Ridiculously Gendered Products

    When gender expectations meet capitalism.

    1. These earbuds aren't just for a woman, but a woman in charge!

    I don't even know what to say cc @Mikey_Nicholson

    2. And we all know kids refuse to eat lollies that aren't specifically for their gender All. The. Time.

    3. Bitter chocolate for men... because women are sweet, amirite?!

    4. Boys rule! (And also the Storm Troopers are all boys and Star Wars is for boys too and so is this shade of blue/grey.)

    @LetToysBeToys: Not a toy, but not exactly the most inclusive message for any Star Wars fans who happen to be girls!

    5. Plain old SPF 30 might help you avoid sunburn, but SPF 30 For Men ensures you stay masculine doing it.

    6. And don't forget: #RealMen eat BRONUTS.

    7. Scuba-diving and spiders for boys, butterflies and flowers for girls. Of course.

    8. "Pretty pink" = synonym for girls, apparently.

    9. Got chafing issues? Some gendered "body glide" will sort you out right away.

    your anti-chafing stuff needs to be gendered why?

    10. Why use a bit of paper to mark your place when you can unnecessarily affirm your gender?

    (This week on Unnecessarily Gendered Items Found In York: Bookmarks)

    11. This onesie will help out all the baby girls who don't know they're meant to loathe their own bodies yet.

    12. See blue? Think "boys".

    Really, @Matalan? Gendered coathangers?! Totally unnecessary.

    13. Do I need to reiterate? It's really simple, you guys.

    Today on unnecessarily gendered items...

    14. Seriously. Whatever you do, don't buy your son pink pickles.

    "Tägliche Genderkacke für vierhundert bitte."

    15. It's really important that pirates and princesses eat the correct muesli for their gender, OK?

    Really ne need separate müesli COME ON RT @ironcladcaptain: today on uselessly gendered products

    16. And be careful not to snack on the wrong trail mix!

    17. Guys, make sure you tuck into this bar so you've got plenty of fuel for MAN STUFF.

    mmm don't you just love unnecessarily gendered chocolate

    18. Don't know what man stuff is? Read about it in this nifty book!

    Side-By-Side Photo Proves #GenderStereotypes Are Alive And Well In Kids' Books |

    19. And girls, you can be anything you want when you grow up. As long as that thing is a beautician.

    Every medic I know should retweet these horrible gendered products from @ELCtoys. Via @LetToysBeToys #notaprilfools

    20. You could be a scientist... a NAIL SCIENTIST!

    Looking for a lab kit for my youngest daughter, and depressed to see they have gendered versions. FFS!

    21. You could be a cowgirl... but only pink guns allowed.

    Today's unnecessarily #gendered item goes to....

    22. You can even own a handbag one day!

    23. And if you're struggling to hammer nails during some home DIY, just pick up this pink hammer for "accurate striking". (Gendered expectations included!)

    24. You have the freedom to wear all the colours of the season... but obviously pink as well.

    Why 'of course pink' @mothercareuk? @LetToysBeToys

    25. And not only do women get to do all the cleaning, they do it in heels!

    Maggie, your expression speaks volumes.

    My superhero loving 7yo daughter not impressed when she spotted this sign in @Tesco today @LetToysBeToys