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Two Senators Had To Resign Over Surprise Dual Citizenship And Twitter Can't Stop Making Jokes

"To lose one deputy leader may be regarded as a misfortune..."

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Last week, Greens senator and co-deputy leader Scott Ludlam announced his shock resignation from the Senate after finding out he's a dual citizen. Today, his fellow co-deputy, Larissa Waters, announced precisely the same thing. On Twitter, people had one question: what the fuck?


*whispers* Larissa Waters was born in Canada...


To lose one deputy leader may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness


i think larissa waters' announcement is going to be that everythings fine. thats my gut feeling


Oh shit, I know what Larissa Waters is going to announce


Look I understand the greens don't want borders but this is a bit ridiculous


The lesson here is always read the terms and conditions #auspol


GOOD: soulless lizard people holding govt for decades BAD: holding citizenship in a country you haven't been to since you were 11 months old


I regret to inform you all that I was born in Wollongong




The problem with The Greens is that they are global citizens.


wait what section of the military is that?


First thing Larissa Waters did was apologise. She IS Canadian! #auspol

14. The lesson we can all learn from this? Never tweet.

I was born in Canada, no one tells me to go back to where I came from. Funny that.

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