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Thousands Of People Are Lining Up To See A Flower That Smells Like Death

Yup, this is what we're doing now.

Huge crowds have gathered to see the rare blooming of a flower famous for its disgusting odour at the Mount Lofty Botanic Garden in South Australia.

Facebook: Adelaide Botanic Gardens

One of the world's largest flowers, Titan arum is nicknamed the "corpse flower" for its scent, which is often described as akin to rotting flesh.

The scent only appears when the flower blooms, which is an exceedingly rare event. The blooming is only fleeting, lasting for around two days before the flower collapses.

"Flowering events are rare because the plant is so difficult to cultivate, even in optimum conditions," said Matt Coulter, horticultural curator at the gardens.

"The fact the flower, and its signature stench, will only last around 48 hours before it collapses on itself, makes it a must-see event for plant lovers and curious souls alike."

The seed for the Mount Lofty flower, named "Indah", was sourced through a donation in 2006.

It's proved a HUGE hit. 1500 people trawled through the glasshouse where the flower is housed in the first two hours it was on display.

No doubt #adelaide loves the #corpseflower 1500+ through the glass house in 1st 2 hours @BotGardensSA Mt Lofty

Through the day, the lines only grew. Thousands gathered to see the rare blooming of the Titan arum – and to experience the nauseating scent.

A reminder if you're coming to see the #TitanArum today - lines are long so please bring plenty of water, a hat and sunscreen #stinkyBGSA

#TitanArum queues are a little longer than anticipated. Thanks for your patience! #Adelaide #adelhills

The police had to post a cautionary tweet warning people about the traffic.

Motorists are advised there is heavy traffic around #Piccadilly as people flock to see #stinkyflower @BotGardensSA

They even had to EXTEND THE OPENING HOURS so more people could see it!

Due to the high interest in the corpse flower, the Mt Lofty Botanic Garden Nursery will now be open until 6pm #9News

And the people loved it.

#TitanArum #stinkyBGSA @BotGardensSA Worth the wait, quite amazing. We came, we waited, we saw.

Corpse flower at the Mt Lofty Botanical Garden - amazing! #TitanArum #Adelaide

Thanks @BotGardensSA for showing #Indah #stinkyBGSA off. Looked Beautiful. #TitanArum

The surreal and putrid smelling Titan Arum, Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens, #Adelaide #TitanArum

The flower might be open for a second day of viewing, but it depends on the condition – remember, nothing lasts forever.

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