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This Sweater Is Made From The Hair Of LGBT People

And it's fighting anti-gay prejudice.

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The Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity (CCGSD) has created a sweater from the hair of LGBT people in a campaign to stop use of the phrase "That's so gay".

Hand-knitted with hair donations from over a hundred people, #TheGaySweater is "the only thing that's OK to call so gay... because it's made from 100% gay hair," according to a campaign video.

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The people behind the sweater hope to draw attention to negative use of the word "gay", highlighting why it is inappropriate.

"The idea for the sweater was born out of a desire to educate and encourage people to use 'gay' the right way," said CCGSD Director Jeremy Dias.

In a video about the sweater, knitter Amelia said "This is just such an extreme manifestation of the word that I think people will be forced to realise how silly they sound when they say it."

The CCGSD have also created resources to accompany the sweater aimed at educating school students about LGBT identities.

Reactions on social media to the highly unusual campaign have been overwhelmingly supportive.

.@CCGSD_CCDGS is doing such great work w/ #TheGaySweater project! Take a moment out of your day & watch their video:

If saying "that's so gay" is your worst insult, you need a better vocabulary. Gay isn't supposed to be derogatory. #TheGaySweater

Please don't say something is "So Gay" ... unless you're talking about this sweater! #TheGaySweater