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This Sweater Is Made From The Hair Of LGBT People

And it's fighting anti-gay prejudice.

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Hand-knitted with hair donations from over a hundred people, #TheGaySweater is "the only thing that's OK to call so gay... because it's made from 100% gay hair," according to a campaign video.

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"The idea for the sweater was born out of a desire to educate and encourage people to use 'gay' the right way," said CCGSD Director Jeremy Dias.

In a video about the sweater, knitter Amelia said "This is just such an extreme manifestation of the word that I think people will be forced to realise how silly they sound when they say it."


Reactions on social media to the highly unusual campaign have been overwhelmingly supportive.

.@CCGSD_CCDGS is doing such great work w/ #TheGaySweater project! Take a moment out of your day & watch their video:

If saying "that's so gay" is your worst insult, you need a better vocabulary. Gay isn't supposed to be derogatory. #TheGaySweater

Please don't say something is "So Gay" ... unless you're talking about this sweater! #TheGaySweater