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This Photo Of A Gay Couple Is Going Viral As A Call For Same-Sex Marriage

"That’s exactly what love is, it’s about being in a bubble and the world moving around you."

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A picture of a gay couple standing still as the people of Melbourne bustle around them has gone viral as a strong message calling for marriage equality.

Photographer Chris Cincotta, who runs the Facebook page Humans In Melbourne, took the image outside one of his favourite cafes in Melbourne's Centre Place, Australia.

He told BuzzFeed News he noticed the couple, named Tim and Brendan, as soon as they walked past "in their own little world".

"I always get a feeling when something needs to be taken," Cincotta said. "I chased after them, I said ‘This is who I am, this is what I do, can I take a photo of you guys standing still?’

"I didn’t want them facing me, I wanted them to be any two men or two women. I said, ‘Stand there, you’re going to represent love, and everyone will be moving around you'."

"That’s exactly what love is, it’s about being in a bubble and the world moving around you."


"I asked the two gentleman to pose for me in this photo to show what would happen to those around them if gay marriage was legalised in Australia... Nothing. Zip. Zero," Cincotta wrote on Facebook.

"Life would continue on exactly for everyone else as it does now and nobody would be [a]ffected except the two humans who are so in love."

The picture attracted a slew of positive comments, and thousands of likes and shares.

"If I’m entitled to it, I don’t see why anybody else shouldn’t be," Cincotta said.

"Everyone should have the right to marry."

Lane Sainty is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Sydney, Australia.

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