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This Comedian Is Re-Enacting Ruby Rose's Instagrams And It's Awesome


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Recently, Gadsby was hiking the Larapinta Trail in Central Australia for charity, when Australian Orange Is the New Black megastar Ruby Rose crept into her thoughts.

"We've know of her for quite some years," Gadsby told BuzzFeed. "And recently when she was on Orange Is the New Black I was like, 'I want to be in a prison drama.'"

"I looked into it and thought, There's quite a lot we have in common…except good genes." And Gadsby's #RubyRoseUnderstudy campaign was born.

For the past week, Gadsby has been emulating Rose's Instagram posts – and posting the hilarious results side by side.

She's got the sexy pout down...

...the famous bathroom scene on point...

...and a perfect re-enactment of Rose reading Rolling Stone.

Gadsby said the series was inspired by a bewilderment around celebrity culture.

“If you look closely at the things people post, you’re like, that’s ridiculous. Why are you telling me about that?” Gadsby said.

But Gadsby also noted weird parallels between various photos she had already taken, and those on Rose's Instagram.

"There's tropes," she said. "A lot of the pics I've put in of me haven't been posed for this. I've looked through my back catalog of awful photos, and there are just ways we represent ourselves. There's crossover."

But the similarities end there, said Gadsby.

"I struggle to keep on top of my dishes. She's hanging out with Justin Bieber. What do you do when you hang out? I don't have time to hang out."

"Also, I can put the shittiest photos of myself up and still be charming. There's a lot less pressure on me than there is on Ruby. She's gotta nail it every time."

In fact, not nailing it is the best part. "I really like that I don't nail it. I'm not trying to copy her… I just really don't nail it," Gadsby said.

"And that's pretty much how I haven't nailed life at all."

Despite their wildly different lifestyles, the pair actually have a lot in common, said Gadsby.

"We have a lot of similarities, Ruby and I. Both bullied, both quite publicly out about our sexuality. I've confused many a stray lady about their sexuality," said Gadsby.

"I've…actually, no. That's about it."

Well, either way, Gadsby's dedication to the cause is admirable.

She even recorded an audition tape with an iconic Stella Carlin line.

And fans of Gadsby and Rose alike are loving the comparisons.

Despite Gadsby's uncanny resemblance and best efforts, she hasn't received the call from OITNB to be Rose's understudy...yet.

"I'm writing a book. I just don't have time to network properly," Gadsby said.

"I'd love to get into Orange Is the New Black, but fucked if I'm going over for a meeting. They haven't asked me."

"They can call my mum. She's my agent."