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    This Australian MP Compared Marriage Equality To Gun Rights And Things Got Weird

    UPDATE: George Christensen has apologised for his remarks.

    On Monday afternoon, MP George Christensen issued an apology via his Facebook page for his comments linking marriage equality and gun rights.

    "My intention was simply to say that not everything the United States does should be followed," he wrote. "However, on reflection, it was a poor analogy to link the issue to guns and I do apologise for making that link."

    Christensen went on to reiterate his support for the current definition of marriage as between a man and a woman, and called for a plebiscite to be held on the issue in Australia.

    On Sunday night, Nationals MP George Christensen asked social media whether Australia wanted to follow the US on gun rights, as well as marriage equality.

    How many Aussies who want to follow the US on "gay marriage" want to follow them on the right to bear arms as well?

    Australia is known for its restrictive gun laws, introduced by prime minister John Howard in 1996 after a mass shooting in Port Arthur, Tasmania.

    Under a federally funded gun buy-back scheme, over 640,000 guns were collected and destroyed. Certain semi-automatic and high-powered rifles were banned, and laws surrounding gun ownership were tightened.

    According to research from the Australian Institute of Criminology, gun-related murders and suicides dropped sharply after the introduction of the new laws.

    Judging by the reaction to Christensen's tweet, people largely want it to stay that way.

    @GChristensenMP you obviously never saw the Sesame st song 'one of theses things is not like the other', you massive buffoon

    @GChristensenMP Ummmmmmm. Are you seriously comparing gay couples' right to marry, to one of the biggest reasons behind US mass shootings?

    @GChristensenMP Oh grow up George. I can't believe we actually pay you.

    @GChristensenMP apples and oranges George. And by the way, this liberal voter is rainbow all the way.

    Despite the torrent of pro-marriage equality, yet anti-gun comments, there were a few dissenting voices. Like NSW MLC Peter Phelps.

    And Helen Dale, senior advisor to Liberal Democrat senator David Leyonhjelm. Leyonhjelm supports both same-sex marriage and a loosening of gun laws.

    Freedom to Marry, Freedom to Carry. /ducks.

    And the NSW Liberal Democrats, who left people scratching their heads after this exchange.

    I think our humour is one of best things about OZ. On that basis, you're a national treasure George. hahah.

    @wendy_harmer @GChristensenMP Gun rights just as important as gay rights.

    @nswlibdems @wendy_harmer @GChristensenMP and the last time making love killed somebody would be?

    @youngtreegreen @wendy_harmer @GChristensenMP You need a reference to AIDS. Freedom has many fronts.