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This Is The Christopher Pyne And "Star Wars" Mashup Sequel We Never Knew We Wanted

Return of the Fixer.

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Earlier this year, the ABC's Insiders program brought you a perfect Christopher Pyne Star Wars mashup – and now they've done it again.

In "Episode II: Return of the Fixer", Pyne navigates a galaxy "very near Canberra" in his new role as the minister for industry, science and innovation.

The phrase "I'm a fixer" has followed Pyne around since he said that he would fix the problems with getting higher education reforms through the senate in March this year.

Under new prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, the reforms have been dropped, and Pyne moved to his new ministry.

But thankfully, Insiders producer Huw Parkinson has delivered a sequel that doesn't disappoint.

First, a grainy Turnbull announces Pyne's new role...

Insiders / ABC TV

...and then this happens.

Insiders / ABC TV

We... fixed it?

In the next scene, Pyne is pretty excited about pushing on with the job... but Darth Vader doesn't share his enthusiasm.

Pyne says he won't reveal policy ideas just yet... but that they're coming.

And then he's dismissed, with a warning to quit being so polite.

Insiders / ABC TV

And as for the man himself? He loved it.

Impressive. Most impressive.

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