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The Sydney FC Vs Chelsea Game Inexplicably Turned Into A Paper Plane Contest

Wait, why are people cheering?

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Paper planes, mostly created from printed EZY tickets, started raining down on the crowd. Quickly, a new game was created: Get the plane on the field.

This one didn't quite make the field, but A for effort. #CFCvSYD


Most didn't make the cut. But a few aerodynamic constructions went the extra mile – including this mammoth effort, launched from one of the top tiers of ANZ Stadium.

This paper plane stole the show at #CFCvSYD last night.

However, none of the planes matched this effort, thrown at a game between England and Peru at Wembley Stadium in England.

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Most of the second half was consumed by paper plane mania, with players avoiding the couple that had landed on the pitch. The deluge was only interrupted only by a late goal from Sydney FC that was disallowed for a handball.

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Nikola Petkovic of Sydney FC and John Obi Mikel of Chelsea run past a paper plane on the pitch.

Chelsea might have won the match 1-0, but the ~real winners~ were the heroes who landed their planes on the field.

Oops: This article previously said Didier Drogba was playing in the game. While Drogba is a member of the Chelsea squad, he was not playing in this game. With thanks to the eagle eyes of @ashlinglee!