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23 Of The Realest Knitting Problems According To Tumblr

I've got 99 problems and a stitch IS one, tbh.

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1. When your stomach drops along with your stitch.

2. Whenever this titanic problem occurs.

3. When knitting ~feels~ more productive than other procrastination (but tbh is still definitely not your essay).

4. When you simply CANNOT WORK with the pattern you just downloaded/bought.

5. When you're in the midst of a difficult pattern and your significant other won't stop talking to you.

6. Or when you're knitting something for them and have to do it covertly.

7. When knitting piques your perfectionist tendencies and you just can't let it go.

8. When your cat literally will not leave you and your yarn alone.

9. When you're having commitment issues.

10. And your ambitious gift plans fall by the wayside.

11. When all you want is that beautiful soft yarn but it's like $25 a ball and you just can't.

12. When you spend all your money on knitting stuff you convince yourself you need. Like, REALLY NEED.

13. Classic knitting injuries.

14. And more unexpected ones.

15. When you make a mistake and don't realise until it is. Way. Too. Late.

16. Or when you lose your cable needle in the middle of a project. Even if you're normally just sitting on it.

17. When your yarn obsession gets *really* out of control.

18. When you hit the worst part of every project.

19. When people associate your hobby with their gendered expectations of women.

20. Or old people, for that matter.

21. When people have literally no idea how much work knitting involves.

22. When your knitting gets jealous of your other true love.

23. And when you're so determined to finish a project you just literally can't stop knitting.