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Taylor Swift Accidentally Destroys Door, Is Adorably Surprised

"I didn't... mean to do that."

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Taylor Swift accidentally knocked a door off its hinges at rehearsal on Saturday, explaining the incident by saying she is "the Incredible Hulk, apparently".

In an Instagram video captioned "When you're at rehearsal and the door just can't even", Swift seems slightly stunned at her newfound superhuman strength.


"I didn't... mean to do that... but it looks like I'm.. the Incredible Hulk, apparently. That door... I just did that, I guess," she says.


Turns out Swift's music has plenty of door-related lyrics, too.

taylor swift: you locked me out when i let you in so i broke down the entire goddamn door

@taylorswift13 the door is mad at you for locking me out when I let you in ://

@taylorswift13 what was on THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR? haha. i know i am so funny. you're welcome.

@taylorswift13 *when you're listening to the other side of the door*

Whether Swift's superpowers have earned her a cameo in Avengers: Age of Ultron is yet to be determined.