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    Ruby Rose's Aussie Accent In "Orange Is The New Black" Is The Best

    G'day ladies, form a line.

    Season 3 of Orange Is The New Black drops on June 12, and everyone is pretty excited to check out Stella Carlin, a new character played by Australian Ruby Rose.

    Perhaps realising the widespread enthusiasm, Netflix has released a 15 second sneak peek of one of Stella's scenes.

    It's the first time we've heard her talk on the show – and from what we can hear, it sounds like she's going to be playing an Aussie.

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    Although the dialogue is limited, Stella's Aussie twang is clear. And so is the fact she totally wants to bang Piper.

    Stella: "You should hear yourself, like, 'Help, I'm the skinny hot girl'."

    Piper: "If you knew me, you would know I am definitely not the hot girl."

    Stella: "You're tall, and blonde, and your legs are up to your neck. Relax!"

    In fact, Piper's legs *are* kind of like this Family Guy scene Ruby Rose posted on Instagram.

    Stella's Aussie drawl is a Big Deal, given the vast majority of fictional queer women characters on mainstream TV right now are American.

    Rose isn't the only Aussie on the show – Australian actress Yael Stone plays inmate Lorna Morello, who hails from Boston.

    But Down Under, we're pretty excited to see how Stella Carlin ~fits in~ with the rest of the OTINB crew.

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