Jean Francois Barbarin preyed on young women of Asian appearance as they walked home from an Australian university, a court heard.

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The high profile case between Geoffrey Rush and a News Corp publisher kicks off on Monday morning.

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Mohamed Kamer Nilar Nizamdeen, a 25-year-old University of New South Wales staff member, had the charge dropped on Friday morning.

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The two Australian politicians are duking it out in court over a Senate sexism stoush that escalated dramatically in the media.

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"She was my counsellor, my friend, my doctor, and the witness to my torture and traumatisation."

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"Why are you slowly killing these children? Are you seriously arguing threatening these children's lives is some kind of necessary evil?"

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Prime minister Scott Morrison said on Tuesday he had met with concerned colleagues.

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A jury found that most of what Esther Rockett wrote about Serge Benhayon was true – including that he is the leader of a socially harmful cult.

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Australian man Adam James Easton said voting would leave him feeling "morally corrupt". He won in court — but then he lost.

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"As a psychologist, to have looked your patients in the eye the day before and said ‘I am here to support you', and then to think ‘I will never see these people again’ is devastating."

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32-year-old Nicole Cartwright was last seen on CCTV leaving a train station at 9.15pm last Sunday. Two days later, her body was found lying near a children's playground.

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Staff at the international medical charity say the mental health of refugees and asylum-seekers sent to the island by Australia is "beyond desperate".

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The high-profile legal battle between the Australian film star and a Sydney newspaper is due to start later this month.

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Dutton's silence was unexplained and "fell short" of how the government should act in lawsuits, a Federal Court justice said.

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But News Corp says its lawyer was there on a holiday.

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His new lawyer: "I couldn’t cavil with the fact that the defence was an interesting document."

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James Durston has to publish an apology in the paper saying sorry, or he'll be fined.

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Students hanging pictures of Da Vinci in their homes does not a cult make, argued the lawyer of spiritual healer Serge Isaac Benhayon.

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"It hurts in my stomach and it hurts to breathe. The hate that I feel is consuming. I have never hated anyone the way I hate you."

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We have explained this important news using the Distracted Boyfriend stock photo set.

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