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Conservatives Are Fighting For Easter But No One Knows Who Their Opponents Are

Who calls them holiday eggs?!?!

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Turncoat Liberal senator Cory Bernardi's movement, Australian Conservatives, has started a new campaign: Easter Eggs not Holiday Eggs.

After latest assault on our traditions, tell chocolate egg manufacturers: Keep Easter in Easter Eggs. SIGN:…

The campaign is a petition asking people to join the call and tell manufacturers to keep the word "Easter" in Easter eggs.

"Chocolate manufacturers have bowed at the altar of political correctness, refusing to use the term 'Easter' in marketing their chocolate eggs this Easter," the petition reads. "Add your name to demand they stop bowing to political correctness and make them Easter eggs again."

just heading down to the sydney rd IGA for some holiday eggs - anyone need anything?

Cadbury (I am focusing on Cadbury here because, let's be honest, the purple packets dominate Easter in Australian supermarkets) says it is NOT TRUE that it has removed the word "Easter" from its packaging.

"We have used the word Easter in our marketing campaigns for years, and Easter is clearly stated on several of our packs where it makes sense and where there is appropriate space," a spokesperson told BuzzFeed News. "It also features prominently on our point of buying displays, with the tagline 'Deliver a little joy this Easter', and it’s mentioned on the back of some of our Easter products. We invite people from all faiths (and none!) to enjoy our delicious seasonal treats, which can be found around Easter time."

The spokesperson also attached a picture of Cadbury products with the word Easter:


So, OK, cool. Take a side and move on with your life. But there is another question here...

@lanesainty I have never heard anyone call them Holiday Eggs...

Who calls them holiday eggs? The Australian right will literally repeat every single asinine thing their UK/US coun…


@lanesainty People are calling them Holiday Eggs? Who?

I'm not religious by any stretch, I've also NEVER heard OR seen ANY reference to a 'Holiday Egg or eggs'…

When the Australian Conservatives writes that chocolate manufacturers are bowing to political correctness... who are they bowing to? Who exactly wants to call them HOLIDAY EGGS?

Maybe it's because the UK is in the middle of its own WAR ON EASTER? But we are not the UK, so...?

These people are not on – a common source of politically correct petitions.

Current Easter themed petitions in the Australia-New Zealand region include bringing back the original Red Tulip Easter choc flavour; returning Caramello eggs to New Zealand; and keeping hot cross buns out of supermarkets in the first few months of the year.

But there are none pressuring chocolate manufacturers to remove the word Easter.


It hasn't come up in federal parliament...

In 1985 deputy PM Lionel Bowen answered a question in the parliament about a children's novelty Easter egg packet which apparently had a mini plastic cigarette packet toy in it. If you, like me, have no life you can read his full answer here.

This is WILD but it does not answer my question about who calls them holiday eggs.

A comprehensive analysis* of comments on the Cadbury Facebook page** found approximately five zillion people asking it to KEEP or even BRING BACK the word Easter, but none asking it to drop it.

Anyway, it's with deep regret I inform you this investigation has been a failure, because I still don't know the answer to the question: "Who wants to call them holiday eggs?"

A spokesperson for Bernardi told BuzzFeed News the senator was "not inclined to reply" to a question about who, exactly, wants to get rid of the word Easter in Australia.

Asked why Bernardi didn't want to reply, the spokesperson said "He did not give a reason."

Lane Sainty is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Sydney, Australia.

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