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    Looks Like Things Are Pretty Icy Between Penny Wong And Joe Hockey

    So, so done.

    An incredible vine from ABC News pretty much sums up the mood in Parliament House right now.

    Treasurer Joe Hockey and leader of the opposition in the senate Penny Wong crossed paths this morning... and Wong's response to Hockey's "Hi Penny" is not all that friendly.

    The pair had warring interviews on ABC's Radio National this morning, with Hockey rejecting Wong's criticism of the Coalition's handling of marriage equality.

    Wong described Tuesday as "characterised by disunity, duplicity and division," within the Coalition, and rejected calls for a popular vote on marriage equality.

    "This will go to the people at the next election. The next election will be the people's vote on marriage equality," she said.

    Wong said Abbott's press conference last night was "like a buffet" of policies, and that the plebiscite proposal was motivated by a desire to block progress.

    "They don't want progress on this front, they want to continue discrimination," she said. "That is what is motivating them to suggest plebiscites or referendums."

    Hockey defended the Coalition decision, describing the debate as "fulsome", "powerful" and "incredibly successful".

    "The party is sticking with its policy, as was promised by many members of parliament to their communities," he said.

    He hit back at Wong, saying she had no right to criticise Coalition policy.

    "Penny Wong and Julia Gillard were defending an entrenchment in legislation of marriage as between a man and a woman just two or three years ago," he said. "So please, I'm not going to get a lecture on hypocrisy from Penny Wong or anyone else."

    This iconic eyebrow moment probably sums up Wong's thoughts on that.