19 Struggles Every Woman Who Looks Like Justin Bieber Has Experienced

    The struggle is so, so real.

    1. You make a joke about looking like Justin Bieber and your friend is like "Oh my god YES I wasn't going to say anything but GOD YES you DO!"

    2. People think you're such a huge fan of Justin Bieber that you deliberately styled your hair like his.

    3. And you're like bitch PLEASE I've had this haircut since before Justin Bieber was BORN.

    4. You can never wear a snapback again because it ups your Bieber factor by like 1,000,000.

    5. Same goes for knitted hats.

    6. You start styling your hair up to look less like Justin Bieber with the side fringe...

    7. ...and then Justin Bieber starts doing it too.

    8. You feel like your whole life is a "who wore it better?" contest between you and Justin Bieber.

    9. Whenever "Baby" comes on your friends are like "come on, this is your song!"

    10. You submit your photo to lesbianswholooklikejustinbieber dot tumblr dot com to try and at least reap SOME reward from your Bieber-esque misery...

    11. ...but it doesn't even get accepted.

    12. And then you don't know how to feel.

    13. You go to a costume party and everyone's like "EYYYYY YOU CAME AS JUSTIN BIEBER" and you're like "these are just my clothes".

    14. People say "don't worry, Ruby Rose looks like Justin Bieber too," and you cry because you don't look like Ruby Rose, you just look like Justin Bieber.

    15. Everyone talks about how hot Justin is in the Calvin Klein campaign but when YOU model men's underwear people are less into it.

    16. You go shopping and a salesperson asks if you are in fact Justin Bieber and you're like "No. No. This is a mall in Sydney. What is wrong with you?"

    17. Sometimes hordes of teenage fans chase you down the street chanting "Justin! Justin! Justin!"

    18. But even with all these struggles, given the number of people who think Justin is ~pretty fine~...

    19. ...you can't help but be a little flattered.

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