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This Comedian Is Sharing Countless Stories From Women About Being Harassed

After she was cat-called on the streets of Melbourne, Jen Kirkman asked women to tell their stories on Twitter.

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On Sunday night, comedian Jen Kirkman tweeted about being harassed by a group of men in Melbourne who called her a "bitch".

Melbourne men. When I walk alone &.4 of you yell "nice coat" I'm not a "bitch" not answering.Yell that at a dude. See if he doesn't beat you

Kirkman, an American comedian, author, and actor, is in Australia performing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

This tweet and others generated a lot of attention – much of it from men who criticised Kirkman for speaking out.

Most men don't see it cuz it doesn't happen to them and they don't believe women.

Some just said #NotAllMen.

#notallmen oh god.

Kirkman wanted to hit back against the perception that it's just a certain stereotype of men who harass women, or that these incidents are uncommon.

I know men think it's funny to reduce this to basement dwellers but mostly they're real men we see IRL too.

So she decided to take a stand.

I will now RT every woman who had experienced street harassment even in broad daylight by "normal men". Dudes. Don't mute this. Begin!

The stories from women who had been harassed came flooding in.

@JenKirkman an old business man called me a slut for wearing tight gym pants.

@JenKirkman A man in the waiting area at the auto shop told me: No white girl could get away with that outfit! And cackled.

@JenKirkman I was in a job interview and the man asked "You're a good looking girl. How do you handle sexual harassment at work?"

@JenKirkman walking to school aged 13, man pulls up in car and tells me I'm "too beautiful to go to school"

The sheer volume of tweets was eye-opening for some of Kirkman's followers.

How. How. HOW don't men know how widespread it is. It's WORLDWIDE EVERY GODDAMN DAY. GETTING WORSE NOT BETTER.

Don't ask women "seriously?" Where have you been! The info is out there. No more being dumb guys. Enough!!!!!!!!!

The stories just kept on coming, and Kirkman kept on retweeting.

@JenKirkman worked at a grocery store and had some guy call the manager to try and get my number.

@JenKirkman I parked my car by park. As soon as I stepped out, two guys at the basketball court shouted "hey!" and did pelvic thrusts at me.

@JenKirkman Walking down NYC street in my 20s, guy just grabbed my breast and squeezed it. Didn't say a word. Can still recall the feeling.

@JenKirkman @jchristie I was whistled at in the middle of the day coming out of my local library (yes, a library!) with an armful of books.

@JenKirkman I was walking alone at night and a car full of teenage boys slowed down and said to each other "would you fuck that"? "Nah"!

Kirkman said she has lost 1,000 followers since she started retweeting the stories.

I've lost 1,000 followers. If I were a man I would get written about as a feminist ally and people would quote me and follow twice.

You can read through all the tweets on her timeline here.

Lane Sainty is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Sydney, Australia.

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