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    Iggy Azalea Was Bitten By A Cat And Then Said She Doesn't Like Them Anyway

    The "evil ass cat" tried to kill her, Azalea alleges.

    In a candid series of tweets, Iggy Azalea has revealed that she was bitten by a cat.

    So she got bitten by a cat. Cool. Got it.

    So i got bitten buy a cat; who knew the whole thing was so complicated. My fingers look like twinkies.

    But... why is "the whole thing" complicated? Was the bite complicated? Is the issue of cat ownership itself complicated? Is it a complicated cat?

    And why do Iggy's fingers look like Twinkies? Are they swollen from the bite? Did she suffer an allergic reaction? Is she implying that the cat mistook her fingers for Twinkies and chowed down? Why is the cat eating Twinkies, anyway?

    But instead of some answers, this whole scenario just got weirder. Iggy was merely trying to save the cat from being eaten when it attacked!

    I was trying to save it from being eaten; im sure it was very scared... but it has not helped improve my lack of love for felines.

    Given that eating cats is not common practice in the U.S., where Iggy lives, this opens up a Pandora's box of its own. Alas, no answers were forthcoming.

    .@IGGYAZALEA who was trying to eat the cat?

    Lots of people asked Iggy who the cat – named "Ralphy" – belonged to. Turns out it's her stylist, Alejandra Hernandez.

    This is @AleHerself s evil ass cat that tried to kill me and then jumped out of a second story window like a ninja.

    But in answering this question, Iggy alleges Ralphy tried to kill her – and then jumped out of a second story window. Is... is Ralphy OK?

    THEN Iggy revealed her history with the cat. She brought Ralphy up as a kitten, but... the cat is still "evil as shit".

    @sighzach oddly enough i saved said cat off the street when it was a kitten and lived with it for a year, its still evil as shit.

    Iggy hit out at Alejandra (who she is actually pretty good mates with) saying she "leaves Ralphy alone too much" and that Ralphy is MORE SHARK THAN CAT. HOLY HELL, IGGY.

    @LuisUnleashed well ale leaves raplhy alone too much and she has gone insane. shes more shark than cat.

    Perhaps the most shocking revelation of all is that IGGY NEVER LIKED CATS ANYWAY. (Unless they're in .gif form.)

    @itsGsusBitch i never liked them period. unless its a gif. or ales cat. but i hate hers now too after it tried to kill me. lol

    Iggy. How can you not like cats?

    Ralphy's motivations in biting Iggy – other than simply being evil – are unknown.

    .@IGGYAZALEA Iggy, do you have any insight into why this cat might have bitten you?