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Royal Baby Ignites Twitter Talk On The Monarchy

Whether you're a republican or a monarchist, you can't deny the cuteness.

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have introduced their new daughter to the world, a mere ten hours after she was born.

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Swaddled in a white blanket, the as-yet-unnamed princess was blissfully unaware of the mark she had already made on the world.

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But every time the Royals are in the spotlight, so too is the question of whether Australia should become a republic.

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Some were beaten by the cute factor, but maintained it didn't affect their commitment to the Republican cause.

I'm still all for a republic. But omg a baby girl!!!

You can take some delight in the birth of a royal baby and still be a staunch republican.

I want to make it very clear... I remain a staunch Australian republican. But sometimes you can suspend politics to delight in pageantry.

You can support Australia becoming a Republic and still love a #RoyalBaby

Some were pro-monarchy all the way.

I seriously adore the royals!!! I'd Australia ever became a republic and left the commonwealth I think I would move. But that's just me!

And some doubted whether Australia is ready to let go.

Yet tobe convinced that Australia wants a republic. Anecdotal evidence from punters is that they are pleased & interested in the Royal Birth

These people were just downright happy a new baby is now in the world.

Don't really care if it's sacrilege and downright uncool to say in Australia, but I'm pretty excited for the new cutie princess! #RoyalBaby

After such a sad sad week for Australia, it's lovely to hear of the new Princess πŸ’πŸ‘πŸŽ€πŸ‘ΆπŸΌπŸ’— #somuchlove #newbaby #RoyalBaby

But for some Australian republicans, the media circus was throughly irritating.

Every #royalbaby or visit to Oz by royal makes me more fervent republican. Enough already of adulation of infant descendant of conquerors.

All this fawning over the royals is doing my head in. Bring on the Republic of Australia please!! #AustralianRepublic

the more I hear about the royal baby the more I want to storm canberra, burn a union jack on the hill and declare australia a republic

The sooner Australia becomes a republic the better is my feelings on the #royalbaby

And the Australian Republican Movement came up with this salty post on Facebook.

Facebook: AusRepublic

In a 1999 referendum, Australia voted 55% to 45% to keep the monarchy on board. However, a 2013 poll from the ABC's Vote Compass indicated support for an Australian Republic has since waned.