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    This Gigantic Mural Is Promoting Marriage Equality In Ireland

    Public art + marriage equality = win!

    Irish street artist Joe Caslin has produced an enormous mural promoting marriage equality, ahead of Ireland's May 22 referendum on the issue.

    The mural, situated above Rick's Burgers in Dublin, depicts a gay couple affectionately holding one another.

    Dublin's fair city never looked so beautiful. #YesEquality Stunning mural by @joecaslin

    Caslin worked overnight to complete the four-storey high mural on Saturday morning.

    The beautiful result of a long night of work for @joecaslin #YesEquality #MarRef @YesEquality2015

    He told The Journal he would continue advocating for marriage equality via art, with a mural of a lesbian couple to come next.

    However, he is eager to find an "urban canvas" outside of Dublin. "[It's] not just a referendum for the capital," he said.

    Fantastic. Dublin mural supports equality ahead of May 22 same-sex marriage referendum in Ireland. (via @LovinDublin)

    The artwork has been warmly received, with much support posted on social media.

    "The public reaction to this drawing has been unbelievable," Caslin wrote on Instagram.

    A recent poll for the Irish Times put the Yes vote for marriage equality in Ireland at 71%.