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    These Firefighters Just Won Mardi Gras

    Classic Newtown.

    Newtown Fire Station in Sydney's inner west have written this cheeky safety reminder on their noticeboard, complete with rainbow letters and a "Happy Mardi Gras" message. Coincidence? WE THINK NOT.

    Over the past year, the station has built up quite a reputation for its quirky noticeboard messages.

    Newtown Fire Station @3_WeirdSisters #Halloween tribute

    They've put up a Ghostbusters-themed tribute to Halloween.

    Best fire station ever! #newtownfirestation #Newtown #innerwest #Sydney #Halloween #Australia

    And jumped on board with the #IllRideWithYou campaign, where Twitter users stood up against Islamophobia on public transport and beyond.

    Fire Station, Newtown, Sydney. #illridewithyou

    They've even acknowledged the controversial nature of Australia Day, all the while making sure they got their ultimate message across. Remember: Fires are bad!

    Newtown Fire Station trying to ensure they don't send mixed messages

    Tim Chalmers, a firefighter at Newtown Station, told BuzzFeed News that the whole station pitches in when it comes to designing the board.

    "It's almost like an in-house competition about who can come up with the best one," he said. "Everyone gets involved."

    The messages started when the station was given the board at the beginning of last year. "The crowd and culture around Newtown is pretty creative, so we try and stick to that," Chalmers said. "We get a lot of people walking past taking photos...a couple of weird looks now and then. But more often than not it is a positive response!"

    Well played, Newtown Fire Station. Well played.

    H/T @samesame