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The Definitive Ranking Of Minor Characters From "The Office"

That's what she said.

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All fans of The Office have been in a state of Dunder-deprived sadness since the show ended in 2013 – but we haven't forgotten our favourites. Here are the people who may not have been in every episode, but still won our hearts.

For the purposes of this list only, a "minor character" is anybody who does not work in the Scranton Dunder Mifflin office for at least four seasons.

39. Frank

The Office / NBC

Frank the warehouse worker is a bad bloke who can dish it out but can't take it. After he defaces Pam's mural and she gets him back by painting on his car, Frank tries to attack her in the parking lot. Luckily, Brian the sound guy saves the day.

38. Todd Packer

The Office / NBC

Todd Packer sucks. He's rarely in the office, thanks to his job as a roaming sales rep for Dunder Mifflin, but whenever he is... well, Michael thinks he's a good guy, which should say it all. He also literally took a dump on Michael's office floor.

37. Cathy Simms

The Office / NBC / Via

Cathy Simms replaces Pam when she goes on maternity leave in season eight and then promptly starts hitting on Jim when they go away for business. NOT COOL, CATHY.

36. Deangelo Vickers

The Office / NBC

Deangelo Vickers is a worse manager than Michael, and that's saying something. He appears briefly towards the end of season seven, before he suffers a serous injury playing basketball in the warehouse and is hospitalised. The only reason Deangelo was employed by Sabre in the first place is because he prevented the theft of one of Jo Bennett's dogs.

35. Merv Bronte

Merv Bronte is a melancholy man who interviews for the regional manager position in "Search Committee". In the lobby, Robert California convinces Merv he doesn't want the job, leading him to sabotage his own interview by being rude and abruptly eating a sandwich. He immediately regrets his decision, saying he is afraid of being happy. We hope you find happiness, Merv.

34. Nick the IT guy

The Office / NBC

Nick is an IT guy with a lot of neglected feelings. In the season six finale, he finally explodes at the office, who constantly ignore him, insult him and forget his name. In a big "fuck you" exit, he spills everybody's IT secrets, gives them the finger and storms out.

33. Hannah Smoterich-Barr

The Office / NBC

On one hand, Stamford transfer Hannah Smoterich-Barr dresses her son in pink and DGAF what anybody thinks about it. On the other, she's kind of snooty, and was never going to last very long sitting next to Creed.

32. The Scranton Strangler

The Office / NBC

The most dangerous man in Scranton, serial killer George Howard Skub gained his grisly nickname from the way he murdered his victims. Skub is never seen but often referenced in The Office, particularly by Toby, who served as a juror on his case. Unsure whether they convicted the right man, Toby harbours a semi-obsession with The Strangler and ultimately goes to visit him one day, where Skub attempts to strangle him.

31. Sylvia Beesly

The Office / NBC

Sylvia – known to family as Meemaw – is kind of harsh. When she finds out Pam is pregnant before the wedding, she threatens to not come. But she's there, and her approval seems to mean a lot to Pam, so well done Meemaw.

30. Deborah Shoshlefski

The Office / NBC

Better known as "Chair Model Lady", Michael falls in love with Deborah Shoshlefski when he sees her picture in an office furniture catalogue. However, Dwight's sleuthing skills reveal she died after crashing her car into the side of an airplane hangar while under the influence of cannabis. A devastated Michael visits her grave, where he and Dwight sing and dance. Deborah, we hardly knew ye.

29. Hunter

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Hunter, Jan's assistant in season three, makes Michael jealous with his good looks. Later in the series, it's revealed he is quite the musical talent as Jan blasts his song That One Night at a dinner party – the lyrics of which imply Hunter lost his virginity to Jan.

28. Ed Truck

The Office / NBC

Ed Truck, the previous manager of the Scranton Dunder Mifflin branch, served as an inspiration to Michael. He dies a grisly death in season three, being decapitated after a drunk-driving truck accident. RIP, Ed.

27. Robert Lipton

On one hand, Robert Lipton – perhaps better known as "the Senator" – is basically just dating Angela to hide the fact he's gay. But on the other hand, Angela is basically dating him to make Dwight jealous, and so she can boast about her politician partner. Neither of them have the moral high ground, but it is nice to see Oscar feel wanted, even if it's only for a little while.

26. Jake Palmer

The Office / NBC

Poor Jake Palmer – the quintessential authority-hating teenager. We first meet Meredith's badly-behaved son in Take Your Daughter To Work Day, where Meredith is forced to bring him to work as he's suspended. Later highlights include his getting a facial tattoo and, most importantly, his appearance as a male stripper at Angela's hens night.

25. The Prince Family

The Office / NBC

The extremely trusting Prince family appear in season five, when Dwight and Michael visit Prince Paper, a family-owned paper company and competitor to Dunder Mifflin. After Roger Prince is nothing but nice to Michael, he sends their contact list to David Wallace and the company dies.

24. Nate Nickerson

The Office / NBC

“Also, FYI, I don’t technically have a hearing problem, but sometimes when there’s a lot of noises occurring at the same time, I’ll hear ‘em as one big jumble. Again, it’s not that I can’t hear, because that’s false, I can. I just can’t distinguish between everything I’m hearing.”

23. Clark "Dwight Junior" Green

The highly ambitious Clark certainly makes an impression on the Scranton branch in season nine, with his resemblance to Dwight and bizarrely good slackline walking skills. After spending several weeks in Europe with Jan to secure a White Pages deal for Dunder Mifflin, Clark is promoted to junior sales associate by Dwight.

22. Helene Beesly

The Office / NBC

Pam's mother goes through a divorce, starts dating Michael and then gets dumped when he realises she's an older woman who's already had kids and done a lot in her life. Give the poor woman a break.

21. Brian

The Office / NBC

When the camera crew start getting involved in season nine, it's weird for everyone. But perhaps weirdest of all for Brian, who seems to have a little more interest in Pam than the average boom operator. On one hand, you've gotta have a little love for the guys who have stuck around for ten years just to see how the Dunder Mifflin crew "turn out". But on the other, Brian's presence during Jim and Pam's shaky period was a little too close to comfort for many viewers.

19. Sadiq the IT guy

The Office / NBC / Via

Sadiq is the Dunder Mifflin IT guy until he is replaced by Nick during the Sabre takeover in season six. Sadiq's appearances are sporadic, but he seems to be helpful, fixing a virus on Pam's computer. During Nick's dramatic exit, Dwight says "We liked the last guy, Sadiq, because he kept to himself. We also thought he might have been a terrorist."

18. Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration

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The Office / NBC / Via

Bob Vance seems like a genuinely nice guy – he clearly loves Phyllis and is a generous and attentive husband. He might be a little bit too obsessed with Vance Refrigeration, but hey, we all have our hang-ups.

17. Robert California

The Office / NBC

Robert California is an intense man – he not only convinces the Sabre CEO to hire him, but also to actually give him her own job. He's also deeply weird, with a love of sex, Sesame Street and a deep hatred of the Black Eyed Peas contributing to the mystery that maketh the man.

16. Elizabeth the Stripper

The Office / NBC

We meet Elizabeth several times throughout The Office, but her starring role undeniably comes at the end of Michael Scott's Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race for the Cure, when she presents the oversized cheque to the tired, sweaty crew.

15. Jo Bennett

The Office / NBC

Jo Bennett is a formidable woman who doesn't take shit from anybody. Armed with huge dogs and a huger attitude, Jo's Sabre takeover in season six is a big moment for the show. She also knows Nancy Pelosi.

14. David Wallace

The Office / NBC

David Wallace's exhausted attempts to deal with Michael, Dwight and the rest of Dunder Mifflin are truly admirable. Few were surprised when he went a little stir-crazy after being fired in the Sabre takeover, but everyone was happy when his 'Suck it!' invention sold for millions and he once again took the helm of Dunder Mifflin.

13. Irene

The Office / NBC

Irene is one of the unsung heroes of season eight. When Erin is in Tallahassee and heartbroken over Andy, Irene takes her in as a live-in maid, despite Erin's total ineptitude for household tasks. Plus, she's really good with technology for an old lady.

12. Val

The Office / NBC

Val is probably the only competent person working in the warehouse after the old crew win the lottery and quit their jobs. She totally rocks a formal dress at the office Christmas party after a miscommunication with Darryl and knits beanies for her colleagues. Never change, Val.

11. Karen Fillipelli

The Office / NBC

Karen is a great lady in a lot of ways – she's funny, and a welcome streak of normalcy in the Stamford office. But Karen's problem is she's too normal – she just lacks the bit of crazy that being a full-time employee at Dunder Mifflin requires. Plus, she's introduced as a diversion to Pam and Jim, the greatest OTP in The Office, so never *really* had a chance.

9. Pete "Plop" Miller

The Office / NBC

Although Pete only appears in season nine, it's long enough to realise he's a good guy. He's cute, he's very good to Erin, and he can recite the entire script of Die Hard.

8. Gabe Lewis

The Office / NBC

Gabe is only an Office regular for two and a half seasons, but we all wanted more of his lanky, awkward presence. Gabe's misguided dating escapades, Abraham Lincoln impersonation, and uncanny resemblance to a skeleton are all reasons to love him.

7. Nellie Bertram

The Office / NBC / Via

After a brief appearance in season seven, Nellie Bertram bursts onto The Office set in season eight with ambition and totally baffling business philosophies. Her stoush with Andy shows a tougher side, but we grow to love Nellie, especially when she comes up with self-aware gems like this: "I grew up poor. I have had little formal education, and no real skills. I don't work especially hard. Most of my ideas are either unoriginal, or total crap."

6. Hank Tate

The Office / NBC

Hank Tate is a true trooper. He reluctantly carries out his security guard duties and doesn't even quit when certified madman Dwight takes over the building and makes him run a coffee shop. When Hank isn't dealing with the good folk of Scranton Business Park, he plays guitar and sells CDs to make a few dollars on the side. What a sweet guy.

5. Holly Flax

The Office / NBC / Via

Holly is hands down the dorkiest character on The Office. Even though she might seem like a main character, Holly just wasn't on our screens for long enough. She's funny, kind, and seems to genuinely appreciate Michael and bring out the best in him.

4. Belsnickel

OK, so Belsnickel is just Dwight in costume. But the appearance of this fur-clad gift giver from south-west German folklore was just too deliciously Dwight to ignore, especially when he started judging whether co-workers had been "impish or admirable".

3. Jan Levinson

The Office / NBC

Initially a corporate high-flyer, Jan's slow demise into insanity and her frightening return to employment as a single mother is a highlight of the show. She's also Michael's lover for several seasons. Jan is 50% nuts, 40% totally unpredictable and 10% terrifying.

2. Mose Schrute

The Office / NBC / Via

Mose, Dwight's socially awkward cousin, defines "inexplicably weird". Whether it's his stilted run, his "valet" parking or his slightly threatening presence on Schrute Farms, Mose never fails to confuse.

1. Bandit the cat

The Office / NBC

Angela's disastrous attempt to save Bandit from Dwight's fake fire is one of the funniest moments in one of the funniest intros of The Office. What a totally badass cat.

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