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17 Classic Moments From The NSW Election

Oh, democracy. Never change.

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1. This classic zinger from Luke Foley.

2. This guy basically embodying Australia.

That One Photo You'll Always See When Australia Votes #nswvotes

3. Everyone loving a good #democracysausage.

We have cakes and #democracysausage here at Warners Bay HS! #nswvotes

4. Like, actually not being able to imagine voting day without a juicy, sauce-smothered, snag.

So sad for people who had to do #nswvotes without #democracysausage 😿

5. And the unlucky people who missed out.

This is literally the only sausage at my voting booth in Redfern. I feel ripped off. #democracysausage #nswvotes

6. This anarchist.

It's not Election Day without some polling booth graffiti #nswvotes

7. This excellent graffiti.

A reminder of the best candidate poster graffiti this election #nswvotes

8. And whoever went to this much effort to create 'Count Clifford'.

9. This poor child who has just had ENOUGH with the #nswvotes bullshit, already.

I think 2 year old Grace might have had enough of #nswvotes when Premier Mike Baird visited Padstow

10. This amazing approach to democracy.

Just watched guy tick name off roll, depart and deposit his legislative assembly paper in a local letterbox. Way to vote informal #nswvotes

11. This unusual but totally understandable culinary choice.

12. This too-real mental image of a pre-election Antony Green.

Antony Green has emerged from his chrysalis. Now, he must feed. #nswvotes

13. And the man himself doing what he loves most: calling the election way before anyone else.

.@AntonyGreenABC: "At the moment, it looks like the Coalition has been returned” Who had 7:10pm?! #nswvotes

14. Chris Uhlmann looking chilled AF during the broadcast.

ABC News 24

15. The Greens dutifully observing Earth Hour.

"It's Earth Hour, just be careful when you're moving about," says Lee Rhiannon at Greens HQ

16. Luke Foley leaving his concession speech on the lectern, where it was snapped up and tweeted by journos.

Luke Foley leaves the building...and his speech behind on the lectern. Political junkies stand by, sending now

17. And the noticeable absence of one man in particular.


What were your favourite moments from #democracysausage day?