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Cannibalism A-OK But Gay Kiss Too Much For "Walking Dead" Fans

Priorities, people! Warning: this post contains graphic imagery.

The Walking Dead is a show about desperate humans trying to stay alive in a world overrun by flesh-eating zombies.

It's currently in its fifth season, and regular viewers will attest that the show doesn't shy away from much.

There's lots of death. Gore. Flesh eating. Violence. Sex. Self harm. Zombie kids. Impromptu amputations. Amateur caesarean births.

There's even this vomit-inducing scene in which a water-bloated zombie is ripped in half and plummets into a drinking well.

But the most recent episode, titled "The Distance," featured something far more unpalatable: A GAY COUPLE KISSING.

Yep. Two men having a good old smooch.

It wasn't the first time a gay character had appeared in The Walking Dead, with kick-ass zombie killer, lesbian, and total babe Tara Chambler appearing in Season 4.

But some fans of the show were so upset about two men kissing on screen they immediately starting tweeting their displeasure.

The complaints came fast and furiously.

Excellent show, but just take away the gay people.

Please take faggots off the walking dead. Wtf. Excellent show but no gays please

Violent death fine, but two men kissing? There's your issue.

the walking dead went wrong when the two faggots started kissing SMFH

Sickening. Unlike the totally palatable flesh-eating scenes.

Not sure if I was hungry just now or if I was sick from that gay kiss😁 #WalkingDead

Gay people: putting down the value of the show.

gay guys on walking dead just made the show value go down..

Gay visibility on TV is clearly out of control.

Really walking dead? The one show that doesn't have faggots on it and you gotta bring two of them in. Really disappointed

Can't straight people have just one show?!

I have nothing against gays whatsoever but Jesus Christ can't I watch one show show without gay people in it? #WalkingDead

But before you lose all faith in humanity, a huge chunk of fans are happy about the development.

YES GAY KISS! #WalkingDead #AaronAndEric


And recognise the irony of the complaints, too.

Woah woah woah, someone said children shouldn't be watching Walking Dead because there's a gay couple?

Things Walking Dead viewers are okay with: -Gory murder -Cannibalism -Child killing Things they aren't okay with: -Gay people.

Walking Dead fans having a meltdown over gay men is exactly why we need a black Spider-Man. Tomorrow is coming whether you like it or not.

Stay great and stay gay, Walking Dead.

H/T @Brocklesnitch