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Everything Joe Hockey Does Is Turning Into A Meme

Unhappy budget eve.

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A picture of treasurer Joe Hockey looking less than happy on the eve of his second budget is on the front page of The Australian today.

Has there ever been a Treasurer looking so miserable on budget eve? #JoeHockey #Budget2015 @australian

Hockey's despondent face – in stark opposition to his infamous 2014 pre-budget dance to "Best Day Of My Life" – was quickly noted by Twitter.

Was Joe Hockey trying to exude sad and depressed when he posed for this pre-budget photo with @garyramage2?

And, of course, they started mocking the beleaguered treasurer.

What's on the notepad, Joe? Oh. Oh buddy. #auspol #budget2015

It me, realising that I have a huge assignment due at 6pm

Movie poster for upcoming film, where Joe Hockey plays divorced geography teacher who can't bring himself to retire.

Who was more unimpressed being forced to do this shot? RT for the pooch, FAV for Joe #auspol (ScoMo only votes once)

"Okay Joe – for this budget photo I want you to look like you've just seen your crops wiped out by a terrible blight"

Later in the day, Hockey was snapped again whilst discussing Australia's tax paid on profits.

The Treasurer with Budget artwork on an easel

A blank template was quickly rigged up...

Alright twitter, do your thing. #auspol @Rob_Stott #Budget2015

And Twitter users had a field day.

“It’s gone on for too long. We’re taxing onions” (pic via @mearesy)

#Budget2015 (@Mikey_Nicholson @Rob_Stott)

"And here we have an artist's impression of the budget..."

And perhaps the most cutting:

#Hockeymentum #Hockeyspill #itson #auspol #Budget2015

Prime Minister Abbott has said the budget will be "pretty dull", but Hockey appears to be doing his best to make it meme-orable.