Pinkwashing Activists Hit ANZ Again

    The GAYTM battle rages on.

    LGBT activists in Auckland have again targeted ANZ Bank in a "pinkwashing" campaign protesting the bank's involvement in pride celebrations.

    Pnsby ANZ attacked again. Shame people resort to vandalism to make a statement. Staff – str8 &LGBTI alike - gutted.

    Last week, activist group Queers Against Injustice threw pale pink paint over a decorated 'GAYTM' at the ANZ Ponsonby branch.

    The incident was initially interpreted as a homophobic attack. However, LGBT activist group Queers Against Injustice then claimed to be behind the incident, explaining in a blog post they were protesting against corporate involvement in LGBT pride celebrations.

    More "pinkwashing" incidents have now occurred, targeting the ANZ Ponsonby and Mount Eden branches and the Ponsonby police station.

    Although similiar in nature to last week's GAYTM vandalism, it is so far unknown whether Queers Against Injustice are behind the latest incidents.

    To avoid further confusion about whether the vandalism was motivated by homophobia, this time the protests included visible posters explaining "pinkwashing".

    The poster accuses ANZ Bank of supporting LGBT rights to distract from its treatment of workers.

    It also states that "Israel uses a pro-LGBTQIA stance to distract attention from its military occupation of Palestine," and tells the story of a Maori transgender woman tackled when protesting the inclusion of police in the Auckland Pride parade.

    Many in the LGBT community are unimpressed by the protests, but others think Queers Against Injustice have a point.

    *Groan* @ 'Queers Against Injustice'. You come across as petulant children more than anything.

    There are never any right reasons for vandalism, just an ever growing list of wrong ones. Stay strong Ponsonby branch @ANZ_NZ #kiakaha

    tip: protect ur blood pressure, dont read any comments on any article abt queers against injustice at all

    @JB_AU I dunno. The commercialisation of Pride does seem to have left anyone other than middle-class white gay men behind

    Meanwhile, ANZ Bank has launched two glittery GAYTMs on Sydney's Oxford Street as part of the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

    It's pouring in Sydney but Anzabella manages to look gorgeous as ever launching our #GAYTM on Oxford St