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16 Badass Girls Who Shrugged At Gender Expectations

These gals were the realest.

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1. Kristy Thomas, The Baby-Sitters Club series

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Kristy Thomas led the Baby-Sitters Club with an iron fist. She coached a Little League team, wouldn't be seen in anything but a turtleneck and jeans, and was *obviously* in love with Mary Anne. A baby butch if there ever was one.

3. Jesminder Bhamra, Bend It Like Beckham

Red Bus

Jesminder refuses to let family pressure stand in the way of her dreams, rejecting ideas of what a girl her age should be doing and becoming a kickass soccer player. Also, just saying.


4. Arya Stark, Game of Thrones series


Arya Stark defines badass. She can wield a sword better than any boy her age and refuses to be a "lady". Arya holds her own against the terrifying Hound and just generally manages to stay alive in a world that is very unkind to young women.

5. Harriet M. Welsch, Harriet the Spy


Harriet is a career-focused gal who just wants to spy on people, hang out with Ole Golly and be a badass. Sure, she throws heaps of shade at her classmates, but every good investigative journo has to start somewhere. Also, her mentor in the movie is literally Rosie O'Donnell.

6. George Kirrin, The Famous Five series

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George is famous for not giving a single fuck about gender norms in Enid Blyton's The Famous Five. Though her birth name was "Georgina", woe betide anyone who failed to shorten it. George's bold nature and desire to keep up with the boys in all their escapades made her a role model for young feminists and LGBT people alike.


8. Roberta Martin, Now and Then

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Roberta is the token tomboy in the Now and Then crew, leading the gang's fights against their arch-rivals the Wormer brothers. She also tapes her breasts in order to minimize their appearance. (However, taping is an unsafe way to bind.)

9. Francine Frensky, Arthur


Francine Frensky is an athletic gal who loves all sports and isn't a great loser. She's unimpressed by dresses, doesn't like getting her hair done and is happiest getting dirty on the sporting field.

10. Elizabeth Bennett, Pride and Prejudice


Highly intelligent and frankly fed up with the bullshit expectations of women in the early 19th century, Lizzie's quick wit and refusal to bend to the whims of the men around her – out of pride or otherwise – is inspiring.

11. Scout Finch, To Kill A Mockingbird


The highly intelligent Scout spends her childhood playing with brother Jem and best mate Dill. Scout has a big heart, a million questions, and no qualms about taking on a classmate when he tries to mock her father.


12. Watts, Some Kind Of Wonderful


A classic tomboy, Watts is a drummer and short-haired rebel. Watts' bromance with bast mate Keith turns into a romance when she realises she has feelings for him, tapping into the timeless tomboy problem of being seen as "one of the boys".

15. Darlene Conner, Roseanne


Growing up, Darlene is the classic sport loving gal who doesn't fit the norm. She also follows the stereotypical trajectory of becoming a vegetarian and animal rights activist in high school, so, you know.

16. Helga Pataki, Hey Arnold


Don't be fooled by the pigtails and bow – Helga Pataki is the class bully and doesn't much care for gendered stereotypes. She also DGAF about her epic monobrow, and uses it to employ some of the greatest death stares ever. You do you, Helga.