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5 Aug 2015

Australia's Marriage Equality Hashtag Problem Must End

What the hell is #MarriageEquaility?

Australia, we need to talk.

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This whole marriage equality debate is probably going to drag on for a while yet.

And we need to SORT. OUT. the freaking hashtag.


#MarriageEquality works, but it takes up a whopping 17 characters out of a limited 140.

Plus, many people who don't support marriage equality dislike this phrase – and we should all be part of the same conversation.

Not to mention the hundreds of people spelling it #MarriageEquaility. Sort πŸ‘ out πŸ‘ your πŸ‘ shit πŸ‘

Some people have used #SSM – for "same-sex marriage" – but this is a really common acronym.


Plus, some people feel this phrase excludes transgender and intersex people from the conversation.

There's been some scattered use of #GayMarriage.

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But not everyone currently barred from marriage is gay – bisexual people, transgender people and others are affected by the law.

#LoveWins was good for the US... but only *after* the decision. Because before, love hadn't, you know, won.

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We need to get this online conversation focused, stat.

  1. What should the marriage equality hashtag be?

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What should the marriage equality hashtag be?
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    #MarriageEquality. It's simple and to the point.
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    #MarriageEquaility. (You're the worst.)
    vote votes
    #SSM. Gotta get those characters in!
    vote votes
    #SameSexMarriage. Let's keep it nice and literal.
    vote votes
    #GayMarriage. Everyone understands what it is.
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    #EqualityOz. Let's try something different!
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    #MarriageOz. This includes everyone!
    vote votes
    I literally do not care. (Why are you reading this?)
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    Something else, I'll write it in the comments.

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