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Angry Americans Are Promising To Move To Australia After The US Marriage Equality Decision

Australia is the hot new destination for those against marriage equality, apparently.

After the US Supreme Court ruled states cannot ban marriage equality, a bunch of Americans have taken to Twitter and said they will move to Australia, where same-sex couples cannot wed.

Moving to Australia. #screwthis #bye #notintothis

Just another reason I'm moving to Australia, no gay marriage.

I'm moving to Australia. Americas going under and ima hop off the boat. Can't wait till I can finally move.

Me & @AustinEllis2 are moving to Australia!!!! #NoGayMarriageLegalThere

I'll give Texas 5 years to secede. If not I'm moving to Australia 🐒

I'm out. Moving to Australia or something. 😷

Moving to Australia I ain't with this rainbow and Gay pride shit #sorrynotsorry

I'm moving to Australia, I can't deal with Americas bullshit

Thats it. Its legal to be a queer now. Im moving to Australia.

I give up on this country. Moving to Australia.

Gays have rights in America now. Moving to Australia now.

Im moving to Australia. America is crazy

Well, guess we're gonna have to be moving now, see y'all in Australia!

They replaced the Confederate flag with a rainbow one I'm moving to Australia

However, many Australians are not particularly happy about these declarations.

Sad to see homophobic Americans saying they are "moving to Australia." Time for love to win here too

Conservative Americans considering moving to Australia might like to be aware of our extensive gun control and universal healthcare. #SCOTUS

"Its legal to be a queer now. Im moving to Australia" Stay away, pls&thankyou and jsyk, it's pretty fucking gay here too 🌈✨🌈✨🌈✨

Bigots saying they are moving to Australia... Piss off, we don't want you.

Lots of people have also threatened to move to Canada, which is pretty awkward given Canada has had marriage equality since 2005.

Despite the fact a clear majority of Australians support the reform, the parliament has dragged its heels for years – leaving Australia well behind other similarly developed, English-speaking nations.

However, advocates hope it will be a relatively short time before the disgruntled, anti-marriage equality Americans are forced to pick up and move yet again. Cross-party discussions about a marriage equality bill are expected to take place in the coming months.

The numbers in parliament are on a knife edge, and government MPs are currently forced to vote against marriage equality in accordance with their party platform. In order for a vote to pass, prime minister Tony Abbott would have to grant his MPs a free vote.