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21 Questions Australia Has For The US

WTF, America.

1. Why does all your money look exactly the same?

Canadian Pacific / Flickr: 18378305@N00 / Creative Commons

2. Why is your 10-cent coin smaller than your 5-cent coin?

Glee / Fox / Via

3. And WTF is going on with your 1-cent coins?

Freaks and Geeks / NBC / Via

We got rid of ours over 20 years ago.

4. Why don't you just add your sales tax to the price tag?

The Waterboy / Touchstone Pictures / Via

We manage it here just fine.

5. And why don't you pay your staff a decent wage so tipping isn't necessary?


6. Why is your cheese orange?

Daniel Oines / Flickr: dno1967b / Creative Commons

7. Or in a can, for that matter?

Rauscheder / Via

So much nope.



9. And why are your soft drink sizes so huge?

10. Why do your pharmacies sell beer?

Harold and Kumar / Via

Pharmacies are meant for stuff that makes you HEALTHIER.

11. Why are you so obsessed with ranch dressing?

Mean Girls / Paramount / Via

12. And why is your gravy white?

Mean Girls / Paramount / Via

13. Why do you call scones "biscuits"?

Steve Mohundro / Flickr: smohundro / Creative Commons

14. #RealTalk: What the actual fuck is with your gun laws?


15. And if you call university "school", then what do you call school?

Harry Potter / Warner Bros / Via

16. Why do you butcher the English language by adding Z to everything?

The West Wing / NBC / Via

Also it's "zed", not "zee".

17. Why do you think we all drink Foster's?

New Girl / Fox / Via

It's fucking gross.

18. What is with using Fahrenheit?

Dan Woods / Flickr: danw / Creative Commons
Fran Simo / Flickr: fransimo / Creative Commons

19. And inches?

Exhibit A: Map of places that don’t use the Metric system:


Exhibit A: Map of places that don’t use the Metric system:

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20. And feet? And miles?

Sherlock / BBC / Via

21. And gallons?

The Office / NBC / Via

America, you have a LOT of explaining to do.

The Office / NBC

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