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A Woman Has Been Banned From Facebook After Sharing The Abusive Messages She Was Sent By Men

UPDATE: The suspension has been lifted.

The 30-day ban was lifted late Sunday afternoon after an insider at Facebook reinstated Ford's account. Ford told BuzzFeed News she is thrilled "common sense has prevailed", but stressed the ban should never have taken place.

"Nor should it be forgotten that the vast majority of abuse targets do not have the same level of resources that public writers and people with large Twitter followings have at their disposal," she said. "I was able to mobilise an army of passionate, enraged people but many who are punished do not have that kind of support.

"This is a win for me, but I hope it sets a precedent for all future victims of online FB harassment and becomes a win for all users who have done nothing wrong except stand against injustice and hate."

Australian writer Clementine Ford has been suspended from Facebook for 30 days after publicly posting abusive messages and requests for nude pictures she received from men.

Ford received the messages after posting a nude selfie in protest against Australian breakfast TV show Sunrise, which implied victims were at fault in a Facebook post about a nude photo hack.

Facebook: clementineford

In response to the selfie, Ford received a torrent of negative messages. She started posting them on her Facebook page, only to have her personal account suspended for 30 days for "violating community standards".

Facebook has just banned me for 30 days for 'violating community standards' by reposting some of those abusive messages men have sent to me.

It's fine for men to message you to call you a filthy whore but it's breaching 'community standards' to post it for people to see. #facebook

This really infuriates me. Women are subjected to heinous abuse online and they're the ones punished for speaking out about it? #facebook

We have to keep quiet about it and 'protect the privacy' of men who send unsolicited photos of their dicks and call you a whore. #facebook

Ford told BuzzFeed News she was "furious" about the suspension.

"It's not just inconvenient to me personally, it demonstrates exactly how backwards FB and its investigation processes are," she said.

"I have reported numerous misogynistic posts in the past only to be told they were acceptable under FB's guidelines.

"So to have them turn around and ban me for the fourth time for merely showing what kind of vitriol is routinely sent to me by cowards determined to hide behind a defence of 'rights to abuse women privately and not be held accountable for it' is actually deeply upsetting and enraging."

Ford wrote on Twitter that she received over 1,000 messages in 48 hours. The messages included sexual harassment, jokes about domestic violence, and sexist abuse.

"Aside from a few determined people within the company, Facebook doesn't seem interested" in dealing with gendered abuse, Ford said.

"It seems to me that Facebook is more committed to defending the rights of people to post hate speech than they are in defending the rights of the majority of their users to have an experience free from harassment and abuse.

"To Facebook, women are just a punchline while the rights of men to harass them are sacrosanct."

On Facebook's community standards page it says "we don’t tolerate bullying or harassment".

"We allow you to speak freely on matters and people of public interest, but remove content that appears to purposefully target private individuals with the intention of degrading or shaming them," it reads.

Facebook identifies "pages that identify and shame private individuals" and "repeatedly targeting other people with unwanted friend requests or messages" as unacceptable behaviours.

It is unknown whether any of the people who sent messages to Ford have also been banned.

There has been a groundswell of support for Ford since the suspension, including hundreds of supportive tweets and a change.org petition.

So #Facebook gags @clementine_ford because she shared abuse sent to her by sad little men. This says to women "don't speak up". #shameful

Facebook suspends Clementine Ford for showing abusive messages. What about this guy, who commented on her post?

A group of Ford's friends also took a photo mimicking Ford's original selfie to show their support.

All a lady needs is amazing mates. My girlfriends back home just sent me this out of the blue. ❤️❤️❤️ #amazingbabes

On Friday, Ford told BuzzFeed News she was heartened by the positive responses to the selfie, despite all the negative messages she had received.

"Yes, there have been predictably asinine comments and poorly spelt insults," she said. "But I have also received significant numbers of private messages from women and men saying that they agree and wholeheartedly support the message of the post.

"I heard from one woman whose photos were stolen and posted on the hack that started all this – if I can make one victim feel more empowered by what I've said, then it's worth all the inane comments about my gross, saggy tits and feral slut face."

Facebook did not respond to a request for comment.