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7 Other Times People Were Homophobic And The PM Didn't Condemn It

"Homophobia is to be condemned anywhere."

Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has condemned the views of a Muslim sheik who has previously said homosexuality spreads HIV and AIDS.

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Sheik Shady Alsuleiman, who attended the Iftar Ramadan dinner hosted by Turnbull on Thursday night, previously said homosexuality was "spreading all these diseases" such as HIV and AIDS, The Australian reported.

"What's the most common disease these days?" the sheik said in a 2013 sermon. "HIV, AIDS, that's so common and there's no cure to it. And when did it exist? Just decades ago, and more diseases are coming."

Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull was quick to condemn the remarks when approached by The Australian.

"Views like this are wrong, unacceptable and I condemn them," he said.

At a press conference on Friday, Turnbull doubled down, saying "Homophobia is to be condemned anywhere".

So in keeping with the prime minister's enthusiasm to condemn all homophobia – here's a helpful list of some instances that he's yet to condemn.

1. When Coalition backbencher George Christensen said the "Safe Schools" LGBTI anti-bullying program was like pedophile grooming.


"If parents knew their children were being exposed to this type of material, they would probably not let them go to school. If someone proposed exposing a child to this material, the parents would probably call the police because it sounds a lot like the grooming work that a sexual predator might undertake," Christensen told the parliament in February.

2. When the Australian Christian Lobby said same-sex marriage would create another Stolen Generation.

Lane Sainty / BuzzFeed

This comparison has been made a number of times by managing director Lyle Shelton. He argues that same-sex marriage will mandate taking children from their biological mother and father, as happened to Indigenous children of the the Stolen Generation.

Treasurer Scott Morrison spoke at the controversial lobby group's conference earlier this year.

3. When backbencher Luke Simpkins said he had never met a homophobic person.

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"The moral trump words of which I speak are terms such as homophobia," he told the parliament. "To take that case in point, it is defined to mean 'an extreme or irrational fear of homosexuality'."

"This is therefore a much-used word to stomp on any form of commentary on issues such as this, but it is also wrongly used. I have never met anyone that displays an extreme or irrational fear of homosexuality."

4. When senator Cory Bernardi told a mum he is "worried for her kids" because she supports the Safe Schools Coalition.


5. When Cory Bernardi told a 20-year-old man he was "encouraging a program that actually bullies heterosexual children into submission for the gay agenda".


The Adelaide Advertiser reported that William Russell had emailed Bernardi to say he was "unfit for parliament" over his views on same-sex marriage and the Safe Schools Coalition.

Bernardi wrote back: "Bullying isn't something confined to homosexuals yet you are encouraging a program that actually bullies heterosexual children into submission for the gay agenda."

6. When Nationals MP Andrew Broad compared same-sex marriage to two rams fucking and being unable to have a lamb.

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“Do I support calling a relationship between a man and a man and a woman and a woman marriage?,” Broad asked the Sunraysia Daily newspaper. “No I don’t. I think a bicycle is not a tricycle and relationships can have different names."

“I can put the rams in a paddock and they might mount one another but no lambs will come out.”

7. When state Liberal MP Peter Abetz said the Safe Schools Coalition was a program from the "militant gay lesbian lobby" to "normalise" their agenda.

Lane Sainty / BuzzFeed

"In fact, when you look at it closer, it really is little more than a gay, lesbian, transgender lifestyle promotion program," he said, as reported in The West Australian.

"The militant gay lesbian lobby is trying to get this into our schools to 'normalise' what they consider the LGBTI agenda."

Lane Sainty is the editor of BuzzFeed News in Australia and is based in Sydney.

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