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    22 Struggles Of Being A Butch Lesbian

    So you're the man, right?

    1. "So, you're the man in this relationship, right?"

    2. Everyone wants you to fix their car when you actually DGAF about mechanics.

    @EllenPage you know, we could always use an extra hand in the future...

    3. And everyone seems to think you're some kind of general handyman.

    4. Butches with bigger breasts fight a daily battle trying to fasten button up shirts.

    5. Ditto butches with wider hips.

    6. Wanting to wear a suit but not being able to find one that is a) affordable and b) even vaguely fits.

    7. Finding pants that fit and you don't actually hate can take all day and often results in tears.

    8. Also, whenever you cry, people are like: "But you're butch. NO FEELINGS ALLOWED."

    9. Or when you say something people associate with being ~girly~ and everyone is like "Woah man, what is UP with you?"

    10. You just really love flannel but people make lesbian jokes whenever you wear it.

    11. And Timberlands are SO expensive.

    12. Relatives buy you femme clothes for every single birthday.

    13. Sometimes people ask you to wear something a bit less ~manly~, just to make it easier for other people.

    14. And when you do wear a dress on occasion, people who would otherwise never comment on your appearance say you look "cute".

    15. Sometimes, people yell "Dyke!" at you when you're just chilling alone.

    16. When you get your hair cut and show the hairdresser the picture you want and they're like "This is a man".

    17. But you still end up with a haircut that's more femme than you wanted.

    18. And then this particular cycle of doom.

    19. People assume you understand stuff like make up when you actually have no reason to...

    20. ...OR you have a totally functional understanding of make up but people treat you like an idiot anyway.

    21. When you wear clothes you feel comfortable in and everyone thinks you're 12 years old.

    22. And – worst of all – everyone says you resemble pre-quiff Justin Bieber like it's nbd.