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20 Things Fred Nile Wants To Ban

That's so Nile.

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NSW Parliament is back, and so is perennial MP and Christian Democratic Party leader, Fred Nile.

Dean Lewins / AAP

Nile, along with fellow Christian Democrat Paul Green, will hold the balance of power in the Legislative Council for the next four years.

And although he's 80 years old, his reform agenda is as robust as ever. Nile has given notice of 20 private members' bills he plans to move. Here they are.

1. Ban all alcohol advertising.

Nile doesn't want any bevvies on our screens, airwaves, or newspapers.

2. And gambling advertising.

He doesn't want any gambling-related stuff, either.

3. And advertising of sex services.

Nope. None of that. He wants it all gone.


4. Take adoption rights off same sex couples.

Nile wants to repeal the amendment to the Adoption Act 2000 that allows same-sex couples to adopt children.

5. Prohibit people from possessing X-rated films.

Nile reckons it should be illegal to possess such movies.

6. Make it doubly illegal to promote terrorism.

Nile wants to make it a state offence to publish material promoting terrorism. Doing this would very likely be covered under Australia's broad counter-terrorism laws, but just to be sure...


7. Nile wants to change a *lot* of laws surrounding pregnancy and abortion. Like making it illegal to abort a foetus with a detectable heartbeat.

9. He also wants to legislate that women considering an abortion must be told the foetus may experience pain.


10. And view an ultrasound of the foetus before undergoing the procedure.

12. He also wants to amend the Crimes Act to prohibit causing serious harm to or destruction of a foetus.

Also known as "Zoe's Law", this was introduced after pregnant woman Bridie Donegan was hit by a drug-affected driver and lost her unborn daughter as a result.

As the foetus was not considered a legal person, the judge did not fully account for the loss in sentencing. However, the push for "foetal personhood" laws had implications for abortion law.

13. Nile wants drug addicts to go to rehab... whether they want to or not.

He wants to amend the Drug and Alcohol Treatment Act to "further provide for the involuntary rehabilitative care of persons with severe substance dependence".


14. And at the same time, close the Kings Cross injecting centre.

15. He also wants to distribute the identity and residential addresses of convicted child sex offenders to the public.

16. He just generally wants to ban sex work.

Nile would like to amend the Crimes Act and stop people soliciting one another for "sexual gratification for payment".


17. And stop those kids drinking once they turn 18.

Nile wants to raise the drinking age to 21. Cue outrage from teens across the state.

18. Nile also wants to establish a "Family Impact Commission" to study the "moral, social and economic effects on the family unit" from certain laws.

19. And #bantheburqa.

Nile wants to amend the Summary Offences Act to prohibit people "wearing full-face coverings in public places". This will affect Muslim women who choose to cover up, motorcycle helmet wearers and those who don balaclavas.

20. And – perhaps randomly – he wants to be able to call the Legislative Council the State Senate, and its members State Senators.

Clearly the next logical step in Nile's reform agenda.