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15 GIFs That Will Make Every Barista Feel Calm

Annnnnnnd it's a perfect rosetta.

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1. That perfect dark coffee and shiny white milk.


2. The feeling when your coffee is perfectly symmetrical.


3. Milk that is just the right amount of creamy...


4. ...and sits perfectly on the crema.

5. When you get creative.

6. And make really cute animals.


7. Or sweet two-headed swans.

8. Or just paint a dragon on your coffee canvas like it's no big deal.

9. When it only takes four flawless steps.

10. And you get it straight down the middle, every time.

11. #Goals

12. When you make a beautiful rosetta.

13. And another.

14. Rosetta after rosetta after rosetta.

15. And then do it all again next shift.