13 Times Australia's LGBTI Community Had A Win In 2016

    South Australia and Queensland tidied up a lot of old legislation.

    1. Victorian premier Daniel Andrews issued a powerful apology to people convicted of historical gay sex offences.

    2. The highly effective HIV drug Truvada was approved for use as a preventative measure by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

    3. The federal election in July saw at least 15 politicians who were against marriage equality, or undeclared on the issue, replaced with marriage equality supporters.

    4. The election also saw more gay, lesbian and bisexual people elected to parliament than ever before.

    5. And in the weeks after the election, BuzzFeed News confirmed the Australian parliament had a majority of marriage equality supporters in both houses for the first time in history.

    6. The head of the Anglican Church in Australia sent a significant letter to bishops over the church's stance on marriage equality.

    7. A new LGBTI history month started in Victoria.

    8. Australia finally achieved equal age of consent laws around the country.

    9. The same-sex marriage plebiscite died.

    10. The Aria awards was a revolving door of stars standing up for marriage equality and LGBTI kids.

    11. Queensland's parliament voted in favour of same-sex adoption...

    12. ....and introduced legislation to overturn the "gay panic" defence.

    13. South Australia had a bumper LGBTI reform week in December.


    Joshua Sasse is part of the Say I Do Down Under campaign. A previous version of this post mistakenly said he was the founder of the Equality Campaign.

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